Prompt: “All religions/mythologies are true, no matter how contradictory. What are the implications?”

In the interest of improving my own writing skills and memory, I will be writing as much as I can with no google searches, proofreading or research. I don’t want to use the Internet’s knowledge when the point is to pour out whatever I can. Feel free to criticize – it’s the only way I’ll get better.

The implication is very simple: The universe is a painting, being painted over repeatedly.

Bare with me, please.

Now, assuming that all religions in the world (especially the contradictory ones) were true, it could be argued that the various religions are simply the current state of political affairs in heaven: For example, currently, most dominant religions in the world believe in a single all-powerful diety. Most religions of the distant past were Polytheistic, however, which would imply at some point in the intervening time a new God arose and took power for himself or herself.

However, this is impossible due to the simple fact that every religion, from the largest to the smallest, has a story of how the world was created. Ancient Greece believed Titans fashioned the Earth, and that the titans came from Love and Chaos (or something – I’m not up to date on my ancient religions).

However, the Christian story contradicts this by saying that God created the heavens and the Earth. Other religions believe the world is a dream, some say human sacrifice is required to keep the sun burning (Ah hell, it also implies that we won’t stop killing each other until the sun goes out…) and there are about a thousand afterlives for us all to go to. Add in cults and suddenly, everyone is simultaneously in hell, limbo, the underworld, heaven and reincarnating.

But how can this be? Quite simple, actually, but first I need to tell you something about time. Einstein theorized that since time and the passage thereof was relative, Time wasn’t so much a straight line as a giant tube. The exact ins and outs are more complicated than I’m equipped to describe without research, but the short of it is that time itself is a constant. Granted, Einstein’s theory ignores the Heinsberg uncertainty principle, but that could just mean time is in constant flux a la Doctor Who. I’m getting off track.

The important thing is that the universe itself is one massive, constant thing by this theory. Sure, with Heinsberg’s uncertainty principle it changes, but it’s always there.

Now, all religions being simultaneously true would mean that each god is taking their own turn at making the universe. Over and over again these gods and goddesses remake the universe, adding layer upon layer of metaphorical paint.

There is a layer that the Christian god made alone, with heaven, hell and such. There is a layer where the Aztec gods demand human sacrifice in their name every day. There is a layer where Chaos and Love made the Titans, and the Greek gods divided the world.

…Well, that’s one idea, anyway. Another is that the deities in question keep blowing up the universe like bad architecture and rebuilding it as best they can remember, thus bringing about Heinsberg’s uncertainty principle and making every religion simultaneously true.

EDIT: Another idea is that the gods are metaphysical beings, and the more people believe in their religion the more ‘real’ it becomes. Retroactive continuity would be a major thing, obviously… but i should probably stop now.

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