What I’d like to someday write

A fantasy story focusing primarily on the gods on their universe. Mythology is an interesting place, and God Games are my favorite genre of Play-by-post. Each and every god has the power to change the world with their whims, some better than others, and I honestly think it would be fun to see what kind of characters one could make if they started with various diety archetypes.

A story about an Inquisition in a fantasy universe. It would contain political intrigue, magic, twists and turns… the reader would never be sure who to trust.

A story with no human characters. This one i’m actually trying right now, but I’d also like to do one where their interaction is the focus of the story.

A DnD movie. Specifically, I’d like to write a Princess Bride-style screenplay for the DnD movie in which the story is split between the players in the real world, and epic fantasy scenes a la Lord of the Rings. This would allow them to do the over-cheesy magic and generic fantasy-land of DnD in epic fantasy style (as has been tried before), while acknowledging both the oddities of the game and why players find it popular. This idea was given to me by a friend, but it’s got too much potential to go to waste. In fact, if you’re writing a DnD movie right now, take this idea. Use it. SERIOUSLY. Don’t even have to tell me – I’ll just be glad to see it happen.

A superhero. The entire genre is interesting on its own, primarily because of how well it can make utterly ludicrous ideas work. I mean, some of its most popular characters include the god of thunder, a rich guy who uses his money to beat people up dressed as a giant bat, a cockney SPACE RACCOON (my personal favorite) and an immortal mercenary who breaks the fourth wall every chance he gets.

A space opera… still working on what the actual story will be, sadly, but I definitely want to write one at some point.

An alien war from the perspective of all sides. This one is pretty tricky – the idea is to tell the story of a war between three or four different forces over a single objective. As the story goes on, perspective will shift between the three factions, and each one will seem sympathetic while they’re the focus. Kinda like Battle Quest, with some Dark Crusade on the side.


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