Prompt: What does your character dream of when they sleep? What kind of nightmares do they have?

In the darkest places of her nightmares, the goddess of Light and Law remembers her earliest days, of darkest caves without end beneath the surface of Gaia, of being a little girl sobbing and horrified in the night. But this time, it does not end. This time, with no light to sustain her, the shard of the old Titan Mortan slowly but surely wastes away in the darkness.

Ouran, Lord of Change, has not dreamed as a mortal does in a long time. Perhaps he never shall again. But when he sleeps, he sees the great tapestry that is reality itself. Dark blue threads of light weave around him, and as he reaches out to touch them, he sees Change wrought upon the world. In his sleep, of course, these changes are minimal. But still he watches and reaches forth. For the Lord of Change knows his impact is greater than it seems.

Lone Star has his own tumblr blog. I’ll quote it here:

“I am sitting in a dark room, with naught around me. I decide tonight to begin with a song. I listen, and I hear beautiful music. I turn my ears for the source that I know is not there, and see a singer. The singer smiles, and waves as the song ends. She looks at me and says nothing at first. I speak her name as a question, though I knew it not before I spoke. She says she has no face, and I see she is right, so I describe it to her.

And slowly I build her, and the world around her. I help her find who she is. I help her find love, and joy, and all of the dreams I have given her. I love her as a father loves his daughter. And when I feel myself waking up I begin to weep, for I shall never see her again.

But I know I shall craft again tomorrow night, and I shall love him too.

… I don’t even wanna think about my nightmares.”

Ombra, Prince of Shadows, dreams of a great awakening, when all of mortalkind realizes just how thoroughly they have been enslaved. He sees governments tossed down, politicians executed, and the world burned. But from the ashes rose a new world, one where all simply did what was right without reminder or coercion.

And no damn traffic lights…

The Shadowrunner codenamed “Curtain” dreams all sorts of things. But they’re always purple.

…What? She likes purple.

Silent Mask, Night Caste Solar Exalted, dreams of his most difficult kills, and his hardest bounties. Sometimes, though, he dreams of his enemy, and driving her into the depths of rage. The Fire Aspect tries to burn his face off, but the Night Caste just kisses her and slips away, waiting for their next duel.

And other times, he sees her in a white dress, with a shining man with four arms blessing their union… Iron Wolf and Fire Dragon, together at last… Love is in her remaining eye…

Of course, at that point he knows it’s a dream and wakes himself up before his hopes go too high. But sometimes he casts his thoughts wistfully towards that beautiful smile and wishes…

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