Congress Serves Not the Public, but Only Themselves

Wait, really?! o.O shit, I knew congress was paid too much, i knew they ignored public polls, but… six figure sums, PLUS expenses, PLUS ignoring the crap out of us? Yeah, money needs to get the frak out of Congress.

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We need a Congressional end-dependence day

While those on the right usually complain about social welfare and those on the left complain about corporate welfare, we should all be complaining about Congressional welfare. After a look at the privileges and perks which our Congressmen enjoy at our expense, it will become obvious that those in the House and Senate must view all of us as laughable serfs.

During a time of flat wages, skyrocketing energy, healthcare , and housing costs, most Americans have been forced to cut-back on various luxuries. However, our politicians are not hindered by such constraints. After all, they have a working public forced to support their extravagant lifestyles.

At the end of 2008, Congress gave themselves a raise.

The current base salary for members of the House and Senate is $174,000. However, salaries for the leadership of both houses is higher.

Senate Leadership:


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One comment on “Congress Serves Not the Public, but Only Themselves

  1. Texann says:

    It is how men like Harry Reid became millionaires while serving in Congress. Insider trading is not illegal when Senators do it. Nor is it illegal to propose laws that benefit oneself. Reid changed zoning in Nevada and made a killing.

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