RWBY Headcanon – Weiss and Ruby’s Families

…Okay, I said five minutes, and it’s been like 3 hours… sorry, i kinda messed up the scheduling thing. So here ya go, a second Ruby headcanon.

(WARNING: Contains spoilers up to episode 10, the Badge and the Burden part 2. I try to keep details on the actual plot of each episode scarce, so you shouldn’t be spoiled too much, but… well, you’ve been warned =P)

Let me pitch an idea to you here: Weiss has no mom and Ruby has no parents, period.

Hear me out.

First, some canon and WoG: Monty has gone on record that Yang and Ruby are not blood-relatives. This means either a friendship close enough to call each other ‘sister’ or adoption. Personally, I’m inclined to think it’s the latter, since Ruby has said she’s got a mom and dad who told her how to live her life… also, assuming both her parents are dead, she was adopted by somebody and it might as well have been in the family of the person who calls her ‘sister’. It’s also possible that Yang lost one of her parents and the remaining parent married Ruby’s dad… but that seems a little convoluted, imho.

In addition, Red Like Roses Part 2 (the song that played when team RWBY fought the Nevermore and team JNPR fought the Deathstalker) heavily implies that Ruby lost someone important in her life, and in the Red trailer, Ruby visits a grave before fighting a pack of Beowolves. I’d be lieing if I said I was certain it was her mother’s grave, but it does seem likely.

A bit more subtle is that the first Red Like Roses mentions the titular “Red likes roses” as being Ruby’s motivation for going to “the place you rest”, and Red like Roses part 2 implies that said redness (please bear with me) makes her feel “emptiness and sadness” that came to take the place of whomever she lost.

Weiss is where things require a bit more headcanon. Now, we do have WoG that the reason Weiss wears her ponytail to the side like she does is that that was the most rebellious thing she could get away with under her family’s watch. From the white trailer we also know that, for whatever reason, she thinks she is ‘the loneliest of all’. Now, this could refer to the idea that ultimately, she can’t connect with anyone because she’s always tightly under control and manipulative (see her conversation with Pyrrha and Professor “Awesome-mustache”) and suffers from the dread disease I like to call “I’m-in-a-crowd-of-strangers” syndrome, where a person is in a crowd but still feels lonely because there’s little communication between her and the crowd.

Now, my headcanon for Weiss’ situation is as such: Weiss’ mother (we’ll call her Mrs.Schnee) was very close to Weiss, and gave her pretty much her only source of love and support in a world that either hated her or wanted her controlled. Mrs.Schnee suffered a terrible accident when Weiss was young. Weiss was involved in the accident (possibly Mrs.Schnee dove in to save her or something?) and was scarred across her eye. Mrs.Schnee died from this accident, and Weiss has since felt isolated and alone. Her father (we’ll call him Mr.Jackweed) became over-protective after this tragedy. In a misguided effort to keep Weiss safe and happy, he essentially isolated her, meaning Weiss had few friends (if any) and most of the friends she did have, she had ulterior motives for making (again, see Pyrrha). However, Mr.Jackweed also gave Weiss thorough self-defense training (hence her skill with a blade and her magic circle thingies), and Weiss found herself liking combat. To make a long story short, Weiss then went to Beacon to learn the skills of the greatest warriors Vale has – the huntsman and huntresses – so that she would always be safe.

My thought is that at some point, Weiss and Ruby will learn of the deaths of each others’ parents. This will lead them to think they may have had more in common than they thought, and warm up to each other.

Now, admittedly, Weiss’ basic history there is mostly speculation since we know very little about her. However, Weiss and Ruby have been butting heads and arguing pretty much from the moment they met. If both Ruby and Weiss had lost their mother, there would be some real opportunity for growth and development between the two.

Granted, the theory isn’t perfect – Weiss’ past and Ruby’s family have remained largely unexplored so far throughout the series, and two characters with dead parents might not work very well. But these characters need some common ground to build on if they’re going to be friends, and since it would also inform their previous behavior I think this would be a great way to do it.

So those are my thoughts on Ruby and Weiss’ families. Leave comments, like, reblog, link to your friends, whatever you feel like doing.


Seriously, thanks for reading and I hope you liked this enough to pass it on =)

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