Prompt: Thoughts on Hell

“Prompt: Do you believe that all people who do not share your religious beliefs will suffer in the afterlife?”

No. No, I do not, and I will tell you why through a hypothetical scenario.

Suppose that a man who had never heard of Christ died living a life of peace, love and forgiveness died and went to the pearly gates. Suppose that God decided ‘meh, he’s a good guy, let him in.’ Who exactly is going to tell him ‘no, he didn’t believe in you, so he goes to hell’?

I’m Christian and I believe that, ultimately, God is a good guy. He’s done some terrible stuff, but ultimately, he’s a good guy, trying to do the right thing even if it’s not the best thing. And a good person is not going to just throw someone who’s good to eternal, unending torment because he didn’t believe in God.

STOP! You, there, about to go into the comments and tell me ‘But the bible says’. God gave mankind his word for the bible, but since when was he himself bound by it? If God decides he wants to make an exception for someone who’s done no wrong, or is genuinely repentant despite not believing in Christ… who’s going to stop him? You? Me? Certainly not a book written 2000 years ago.

Now, it’s also possible that sin is a physical thing in the soul that God simply cannot allow into Heaven even if he wants to or the place will be corrupted… but I doubt it, if he can clean it off. If he wants to avoid making exceptions to delay the inevitable war between heaven and hell, or to prevent more angels from falling… honestly… I think he’d still go for every exception he could. Granted, I’ve been brought up to believe that God is a good guy, and he may very well not be. Maybe he’s the angry, vengeful God who ravaged egypt with plagues because the ruler wouldn’t listen. Maybe he’s insane. Maybe he’s none of the images we have in our head of the Lord, and looking down on us in shame for our ignorance… But hey, if it were 100% certain, we wouldn’t be having a discussion over it now would we?

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How about a story of the Lord of Change and his Shapeshifter companion…


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