The ABCs of Writing

… *shrug* i like it.

Writing Hacks

Before developing The Writing Code, I used to talk about the ABCs of Writing.

I thought the ABCs offered a good device for people to remember all the essential skills of writing. So for each letter of the alphabet, I created a cluster of skills around a major theme. A stood for Action, B for beats, C for characters, D for details, and so on . . . all the way to X for eXplaining (lame, I know), Y for yo-yoing, and Z for “zip it up.”

I decided that the sequence of skills plays a major role in learning. Learning the technical challenges of writing comes easily after you master the skills of storytelling. So why not start with storytelling, even if you do technical or legal writing. So I abandoned the ABCs of Writing.

In a recent search of old electronic files, I found a document called “The…

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