Imagination Unleashed

Something else that I’ve found helps is collaboration. It helps with individual projects to have other people help improve them, but more importantly, they give you a new perspective on what you’re doing. For instance, when I was creating Lampide (long story there) the only idea I really had was a paladin order policing the place. I got a friend involved, and he suggested that maybe Onore (the goddess of light and law) would introduce a caste system to the place, in an attempt to bring order to what was essentially a rabid group of refugees? The idea appealed to me, since part of Onore’s story was that she could be seen as either benevolent or tyrannical, depending on who you asked. A few days later, we had a six-caste system, two gods working together as part of a theocracy, and a caste that loved tattoos set aside from the others by their cold skin and devotion to Ilos. Before long we had the place’s entire history for the next century or so (the exact number is a little unclear, admittedly) planned. We fleshed out the place so much more just by bouncing ideas off of each other. And when I went to make Iceheart (alone) I found myself thinking more and more about ideas to flesh the place out (what would the leaders do to bring order? What does their culture put emphasis on? What is the daily life of an average citizen like?) that I hadn’t considered before Lampide.
TL;DR: Find someone to collaborate with.


I was touched by the comments on yesterday’s post. I love that so many different things can awaken us from mediocracy. Today, though, I’d like to talk about our imaginations. Whether you operate from the left or right side of the brain, you’ve got one.

You put it to use when you proposed to your wife. You employed your imagination when you discovered a new way to tell your kids you love them. You open it up for influence whenever you read a book or watch a movie.

It took imagination to build this country, to invent the light bulb, to land on the moon.

The imagination, I think, is one of the most powerful things, short of prayer, that we as humans posses. And sadly, not many of us put it to good use.

Make no mistake, it takes work to build and strengthen your imagination. I know…

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