Police Barge Into Kindergarten Classroom And Taser Multiple Children “For The Heck Of It”

DFR, thank you for pointing this story out for the bullshit it is. The National Report should be fucking disgusted this even made it on their site…

Assuming my friend is wrong and NR ISN’T a fake news site. *sips soda*

Divine Freedom Radio


Hundreds of horrified and enraged parents stormed through the halls of Calcutta elementary school in Sherwood North Dakota demanding justice after two police officers burst into a classroom Monday morning and began tasing random children.

The officers, Hugh Roark and Darren Engen were detained shortly after the incident and remain in custody pending investigation, which senior officers describe as “heinous and unforgivable”.

Meanwhile, parents are left struggling to understand what would motivate the two “peace” officers to pull such a stunt. Officer Andrew Bergman who is working closely with investigators has reported during a press conference that the officers were apparently “bored” with the absence of crime in the tiny North Dakota town. They were also seeking somewhere to practice shooting their newly acquired tasers that the department had issued just a few weeks earlier. A handful of townsfolk had reported seeing the…

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