Story Update

Okay. So… This blog is supposed to tell stories and stuff. So why am I posting political crap?! Where are on Earth are the stories?! Figured I’d give you all an update on those.

Well, I’ve actually got most of Lord of Change written out now, mostly all I’ve got left is formatting and one last run-through to make sure the whole thing makes sense before I schedule all the posts… we’ll probably start the tale of Ouran and Sihlk either Friday or Tuesday, and I’ll shoot for the former. (Since individual parts are relatively short I’m still debating whether or not it would be a good idea have that story update every other day and then switch back to Tuesday/Friday when it’s done). If not, I have a back-up post ready and waiting. Then I’ll continue the tale of Dawn and her daughters, hopefully concluding their little escapade (… that I’m starting to think I should’ve left in draft until all three parts were done) By the time that’s done, I’ll probably have some excerpts from my book for you all, or some more headcanon posts. If not, there’s an Inquisition scene I’ve wanted to write since it first popped into my head that I’ll be typing up.

On the book itself: progress has been… well, slow. I doubt it could be going much slower, in fact. But it IS going, and when I send the book out to an editor (and the friend who came up with the precursor to the Horos) I’ll be sure to update you all on that and how it’s going.

Thank you all for your patience – it means a lot to me that you continue to follow/read.

(Happy birthday to me, by the way.)

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