Blood and Sand: How I Learned To Write Action Scenes

Hmmmm… I’ll keep this in mind for future blog posts once Lord of Change ends.

Bare Knuckle Writer

I am always writing.

Even times like this, when I’m caught between projects, I’m still writing. Playing in the sandbox, mostly. Stuff that’s never intended for publication. Scenes, moments, attempts at capturing a feeling…all that stuff’s in the sandbox. It’s where I go to experiment.

Some people might call this a waste of time. I could be working on something else, surely? Something that would pay? Or might, someday? But I’d say that those people are missing the point. The sandbox is where I go to work on skills. It’s a form of deliberate practice, which is how you really improve your abilities at things. You don’t just hammer away; you develop a plan.

Example time: I’m not great at writing action scenes. I have to work really fucking hard at giving them the appropriate tension and consequences, while still putting in enough description to work…

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