The Scientist

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Benjamin John Peters

Sun“Dad,” she started, grasping my hand, “why does the sun follow us?”

“We follow it, Sweet Stuff.” I was distracted, working on a paper, and my scientific understanding of the universe was that of a first grader’s.

“But if we follow the sun, then why does it disappear?”

“Uh…well…look, Sweetness, we…uh…yeah, we follow the sun and it disappears. That’s a great question.”

She blinked, sifting through my evasion.

“But when it disappears, it gets cold.”

I turned to her. “Yes. Cold. That’s right. The sun is a hot star. So when it’s not around, it’s cold.”

“The sun is a star?”



“What do you mean, ‘why?’”

“Why?” She shrugged.

“It just is.”

“But stars twinkle.”

“True. That’s true.”

“I see.” Her eyes lit up. “The sun is hot and twinkling, like a star.”

“Not ‘like’ a star, it is a star.”

“Yes, twinkling.” She smiled. “And when it…

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