Congress Is A Cesspool of Corruption

WolfPAC is attempting to pass a constitutional amendment to make elections publicly funded and remove corporations as potential donors. Personally I don’t think it’ll work – it’s evident at this point that Congress has no respect for the constitution, but at least we’ll have proven that no peaceful solution exists at that point.

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If anyone watched 60 Minutes tonight (October 20, 2013), you saw how corrupt, how vile Congressmen/women and Senators are while they are in office. They lie, they cheat, they circumvent the law for their own gain. They are attorneys, mostly. They refuse to pass laws to curb their highly questionable behavior. They pass themselves pay raises in the middle of the night when, probably, 98% of citizens are asleep and unaware of the “lawmakers‘” sneaky legislation.

Recently, on my blog I posted a write-up of how legislators serve themselves, not the people who PUT them there. Legislators USED to keep in mind they are PUBLIC SERVANTS, but for many decades now, they come to us to get elected, then once elected, they slam the door in our faces then do whatever they damn well please.

Politicians are high on my list of the most despicable and hated…

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