Lord of Change – Part 6

Sihlk awoke, groggily looking around. As she stood, she gripped her forehead with the remaining paw of her massive bear form. The forest was burned and frozen (she filed that under ‘weird – figure out later’) all around her. She knew that Althra would’ve just finished her off and she hoped knew Ouran wouldn’t have just left her there, so they couldn’t have gone far.

Maybe the massive crater in the forest might be near one of them? Just a thought.

She looked for either of them as she slowly but surely regrew her missing limb. Cauterizing a missing limb so you don’t bleed out? That was easy for her. Growing the limb back? That took a while. Ouran could do it faster than she could…

Speaking of Ouran HOLY S***!

She gasped aloud at the sight of Ouran’s broken and mangled body, impacted into the tree. She didn’t need to know much about raccoons – this thing was either dead or soon to die.

No, She thought frantically, shaking as she approached the raccoon. Nononononononono, you’re my friend, taking her down was my idea, you can’t die here, not now!

She shifted in a bird, grabbed up the broken raccoon, and flew to the sea. Her Creator-Father-Mother could fix this. She knew it. It was chaos incarnate – it could change Ouran’s fate.

And so Sihlk flew across the sea, her dead friend gripped in her talons. It would all be okay, she knew. The Creator of Chaos itself could do anything. The fact that a god couldn’t create life was irrelevant. The fact that resurrection wasn’t possible was irrelevant. The fact that Creator-Father-Mother was a god/goddess and probably wouldn’t care about some mortal wizard’s experiment gone wrong didn’t matter. The fact that Sihlk was just trying to convince herself was completely irrelevant and in no way mattered at all.

Describing the entrance to the domain of the Chaos god is an exercise in futility. In all the years she’d lived, the shapeshifter had never seen it in the same form twice. She would blink, and it would be someplace completely different. Today, it was an upside-down castle made of stone, belching fire into the air. It- wait, no, she blinked. Now it was a flying boat that looked like it was made of bismuth crystal… with doors made of coal and shaped like muffins.

Uh… okay.

She went through the doors by wrapping herself around them first (She dunno, you try and make sense of this stupid boat), and found herself in the realm of chaos.

And if you even want her to try to describe the realm of chaos itself, you’re doing it wrong.

As Sihlk finished her tale, the Creator of Chaos said nothing.

“Please… he’s my friend, he can’t die…”

The Creator hung its head. “I’m sorry.” It said quietly. “I am not happy he died, especially not after saving you, but…”

“…But…” She gestured. “The Realm of Chaos… it… Titans can make life, right?!” Desperation. “You said there was a Titan here…”

“A dead Titan, Sihlk.” The Creator reminded her. “Its death was how I learned I cannot control the Realm.” It knelt to Ouran’s body and brushed fingers over the raccoon’s eyes, closing them. “Death is a change that cannot be undone.” The Creator stood.

The Realm suddenly shuddered, and the Creator looked up. The Realm began to beat like a heart. The Creator’s eyes shot wide. He grabbed Sihlk and hauled her aside.


It said nothing. The energy in the realm suddenly converged on the raccoon

The Creator blinked. “Uh… what are you doing?”

“Nothing, I just-”

“Not you, Sihlk, the Realm.”

And the Creator felt something.




Suddenly the raccoon coughed.

Sihlk was back next to him in an instant. “Y-you’re alive?!”

The Creator blinked. “… that’s uh… different.”

Ouran turned his head at the sound of the voice, and realized two things. First, while Althra had needed to claim her position on the throne of godhood, the thing before him needed no such claim: it simply was on that throne.

Secondly, Ouran could feel change and possibility in every fiber of his being. He needed no claim either – he was a god.

The newly-ascended Lord of Change blinked twice. “…This isn’t going to end well, is it?”



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  2. […] Lord of Change – Part 6 (halftangible.wordpress.com) […]

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