Story Update: First Rough Draft Complete!…..ish

I posted a few months ago that I was at the climax of the first rough draft of my novel (possibly third, depending on how you look at it) and thought I was close enough to talk about my thoughts on the process. It seemed reasonable at the time – after the climax, there were only two more scenes to write and finish up.

I only just finished it on the fifth.

So… yeah. It’s done now.

So, while I’m waiting for word from a friend (who created the creatures the Horos are based on) my thoughts on how it is so far: it’s a complete and total mess. There are entire scenes that are just summarized or missing entirely and throughout the entire document are notes on things to improve and work on. There’s even a few scenes that are completely blacked out because that’s how utterly STUPID they are.

I like how the epilogue turned out, and the overall storyline is still good, but it’s going to need at least two more drafts, possibly more. I’m not sure if I’ll post excerpts from it (some publishers have rules about how much you can post of something in another location) but if I do, I’ll start with that.

The current story is a mess, but it’s a good mess. It’s got a whole bunch of ideas sitting there, just begging to be polished into something a reader would salivate over. I’m confident I can get it polished out into something special. Heck, I’m not even sure I’ll end up publishing it if my friend decides my ideas borrow from his too heavily. I might just put the whole thing up on my blog when it’s done.

All questions for later, though. For now comes the second rough draft.

Leave a comment! I love comments! =D

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