10 ways to respond to trolls

First and foremost: 1) ” ”

The rest are in no particular order…

2) “D’aw, whosa cute wittle twoll? You are! You are! *rattlerattlerattle*”

3) Hit on them relentlessly.

4) Weaponize kindness. (and kill them with it)

5) Walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be a mile away, and have their shoes!

6) Sing loudly and shrilly.

7) Come up with your own humor as a counter to the jokes they try to make. Skip this one if you are, in fact, what scientists like to call a ‘boring fuck’.

8) Requisition the holy banhammer from the vaults of the Admins and the Mods. FOR THE EMPRA- I MEAN ADMINSTROR!

9) Break into their house, tie them to their own computer chair with duck tape, and then steal their legos. Partly to confuse- Sorry Steve, what was that?… aw dammit, someone made this joke already. =( Curse you, GSQ!… now I gotta come up with one more


10) “I’m Doubya, lord of (website)dotCom! And in the name of my one true love, [favorite porn site here], I demand thy vacate these boards at once, foul demon!”


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