How to get Wonder Woman and just do the damn Justice League movie!

I’m sorry if this seems incoherent, I’m trying to belt this out while the idea’s still fresh in my head.

Here, Warner Brothers? I’ll give you this one for free and keep it brief. When you do the Justice League movie, you only need to have 3 heroes: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. So only have those 3 heroes.

Looking back, one of the things that made Avengers so amazing was just how easily it could have gone wrong. Think about this for a minute: we have six main characters (eight if you count Nick Fury and Loki) competing for the spotlight, and each one managed to have a chance to shine and be an amazing presence on-screen. Most of the heroes got to banter with Loki (Hulk’s is my favorite) and nobody feels wasted or misused.

That probably ain’t gonna happen twice, especially if you don’t have Whedon directing.

So, here’s what I propose to you: start out with a small roster. The big three: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. This’ll let you focus more on the three characters themselves, and let you show all of them off in their own unique way.

Over the course of the first Justice League movie, have them meet up with a new League member (say, the Flash) and have him/her join at the end of the movie. Bam, now you’ve got a wonder woman movie AND a different hero’s movie (probably the Flash).

Hell, I even have a lead in for ya. m’kay?

After the Batman/Superman movie, have Batman get injured somehow or something and crash on Wonder Woman’s island of Thymiscara (or however it’s spelled). Then have Wonder Woman nurse him back to health, and reveal her as the end credits scene. That way not only do you set up Wonder Woman’s desire to see and know the outside world for the Justice League movie, not only do you also have a reason for Batman to trust her on the team – she saved his life –  (also, Batman+WW OTP. The animated Justice League was awesome.) but most importantly you set up that Wonder Woman is incredibly compassionate. She’s the spirit of truth, known for her honesty and the depths of her compassion, so show that before you show her powers. Show you can get a character besides Batman right!

And then that will lead into Justice League, where Wonder Woman already has her powers. Then you can make a prequel for the first Wonder Woman movie (seriously, how does she not have a movie yet?) that ends with her finding Batman or something… I haven’t thought that far ahead.

But yeah, to sum up: Have Batman wash up on Thymiscira at the end of the Batman/Superman movie, meet Wonder Woman, and have her brought into the Justice League movie.

I just noticed in the related content thing that apparently Wonder Woman IS going to be in that movie.

Well I still hope Batman washes up on Thymiscira to meet her. Gotta go finish Paladin and Demon…

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