When you wish upon the mist

Prompt: Start a piece at the end and work backwards. Begin, as they say, with a bang (literal or otherwise). Start as big as you can.

He’d been lucky to get this mountaintop retreat for them both – his sister was being uncharacteristically generous, considering she didn’t approve of Olivia.

Mason deliberated for months on a way to properly show his love, but eventually just decided to keep it simple. He’d gotten on one knee and just asked, alone in the quiet woods in the mountains.

She’d been unable to get out ‘yes’ fast enough, it seemed. Mason had never been happier in his life.

The day after, a purple mist had passed over their valley and into the house. Mason had been awake to see it, though Olivia had not been. It had passed over them both, seemingly without doing anything harmful, before vanishing off into the distance, taking the noise of the animals with it. And this was BEFORE the earthquake.

It had certainly been a strange week for weather, but the two lovers were just glad to be going home at last.

Every year on Christmas Eve their local church held a mass, and the two attended, deciding to announce their engagement to Olivia’s family then, and Mason’s the next day.

There was no one there, and realization of this fact dawned slowly on them both.

They started ith the streets and country roads before moving deeper into the city. They looked through stores, big small and incorporated. They searched through buildings that still had power, through abandoned apartments and police stations with locked cells.

Not a single human being for miles.

Eventually he found an excuse to split up with Olivia – something about covering more ground – because he already had a guess of what was going on.

Words were echoing in his ears, and his heart was pounding.

“I’m not exactly financially secure right now, and Olivia… Her family won’t stop pestering me, and really, I don’t want to deal with them right now. I just want to spend time alone with the woman I love.”

The car door slammed in the empty woods. The path was largely undisturbed. Mason’s lungs were burning as he raced through the trees, remembering exactly where he’d gone.

He’d remembered a small passage in the tome about wishes going haywire if the spell was disrupted in some way, and given the recent earthquakes it was likely. So naturally, he was confused when he arrived. The ritual circle was completely untouched. Mason slapped his blood against the altar, too angry to think straight. The mist coiled again, and Clausan stepped from the parting mist.

“You called, Master?”

“What the hell have you done?!”

“What you asked.”

“This is-”

“-Quicker than you expected, I know. I’ve been busy. Only you, I, and the girl remain.” The creature grinned.

“What did you do to them?!”

“I did exactly as you asked.”

“How is this what I wished for?! I didn’t want the world to end, I wanted time alone with my love!”

It said only one thing as it faded into smoke.

“Did you think there were no consequences for services such as mine?”

And as he looked up, he realized with horror the mistake he’d made.

The sun and stars were gone.

Well for obvious reasons, it doesn’t look backwards to you. But I’ll write this one one sentence at a time in reverse.

Except for this: “Anything powerful enough to give you everything you want has the power to take it all away.” And this: “Great, I waited till the last minute again and am finishing a blog post at 2am. Bet this will be embarassing to look at later.”

One comment on “When you wish upon the mist

  1. Texann says:

    Very good HalfTangible. I could see the story. Kuddoes.

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