My plan, backup plan and backup backup plan for a zombie outbreak

Assuming that I was home alone and that my first warning of the zombie outbreak would be witnessing the bloated corpses of my fellow man walking down the street… The first thing I would do is immediately run downstairs to grab Dad’s shotgun, as well as any other guns and ammo the family had. I would move around the houses for as long as I felt was safe and gather up as many survivors as I could, as well as their weapons. Flesh-and-blood humans will be a precious resource for the final step. If I found none, I would proceed anyway and hope to god our col-de-sac was just unlucky.

We would then make our way either cars or to the backyard levee, depending on how overrun the col-de-sac is. Either way, we would immediately make for the nearest superstore and find one that isn’t ovverun by zombies. In my area that means Costco, HEB, wal-mart, Sam’s Club (the Sam’s Club is right by Wal-Mart). If we were able to find and secure any of the buildings, we would have a plentiful source of supplies, weapons and food. Our raggedy band would establish a perimeter around the building, assuming we weren’t meeting up with other survivors who had done so already.

Unfortunately there is the possibility that I will be alone and all of the areas I could go to for supplies will be overrun. Fortunately for me, I live near a prison (one of the only times I feel like I can say that with a straight face). I could also do this if it turned out that we didn’t have enough survivors to defend outselves.

When the prisoners discover that the world is overrun by zombies, I imagine they’ll have enough brains to realize that the prison is the best place for them to be: it’s designed to keep people from freely going in and out, has plenty of weapons and the people you find there will range from physically buff to psychotic. (Thank you to my brother for the prison idea) With that (and an agreement to bring supplies to the prison) we’ll have a forward base of operations.

Next comes the gruesome part. We will have to check everyone in whichever area we end up in for zombie bites, and spend several days checking to make sure no one is infected. If anyone appears to be infected, we isolate them immediately. If they turn, we kill them.

My favorite part is what comes next: we go on the hunt. After a week, or after we go about halfway through our (rationed) food supplies (whichever comes first) it’ll be unreasonable to assume that help is coming (if help does come, it renders the following moot, naturally) So instead, we go on the attack. During the day, we’ll send out hunting parties to kill zombies, find survivors, etc etc. The groups will be large enough to defend themselves reasonably well from a group of zombies, but small enough to move quickly so they can be back by night fall. If we don’t have enough ammo for this to be viable, the hunting parties will instead attempt to establish contact with any other survivors (posted signs and such) and attempt to rebuild a small civilization or regain contact with the outside world.

Anything past that, I’d need a specific example.

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