Everything wrong with this tweet


The reason that the name is blurred out is to protect the innocent (HAHAHAHAHA), but the face isn’t blurred out, implying that we wouldn’t be able to find the guy in the photo with his face… Which implies he’s got a face nobody would notice because it’s black… well, okay, not really, it’s probably just because you can’t search by image, but I wanted to start with something less obvious than ‘Pluto was never a state!’

That should be ‘someone’ instead of ‘somebody’.(1)

‘Was’ should be ‘were’, or ‘are’. (2)

While ‘America’ is generally used to refer to the USA, the term technically refers to North, South, and Central America as a whole. There are a lot more than 50 countries in all that area, even assuming you don’t count the 49 states of America as 49 states (Hawaii is an island in the pacific ocean, and is not technically part of the Americas.) (3)

‘Nuh-uh, Cause’ should be ‘No, because’. (4) Also, ’cause’ shouldn’t be capitalized. (5)


Scientists determined that Pluto was too small to be a planet, not that it didn’t exist,(7) and it was ‘determined’, not ‘found out’, we already knew the size of Pluto. (8) Also, it should be ‘doesn’t’. (9) And finally, “the scientists”? Scientists are a profession, not a social class. (10)

Pluto was never a state. (11) Nor was it ever in America. (12)

We don’t have 49 planets, as far as we know. I mean I guess there could be 41 past Pluto and/or closer to the sun than Mercury, but as far as we know we’ve just got the 8. (13)

For those of you who haven’t used Twitter before, tweets with images have a link embedded in their text to the image itself. This tweet contains an image, but no link to that image. Yes, I’m well aware it was added to the tweet later. Shut up. (14)

Sins: 14.
Sentence: Pluto, America


Extra: Fuck. You. Youtube. *twitch*

EDIT: This issue has since been fixed. Thank you, google.

Ya know, Youtube’s done a lot of stupid shit over the last few years. Integrating google+, its copyright policies that felt like slash-and-burn tactics more than legitimate attempts at protecting copyright, the removal of the star rating… and personally, I’ve tolerated it. Nothing worth getting upset over for me. The copyright policies were disgusting, sure, but I didn’t personally have any videos. The comment system sucked, but at least we didn’t have to listen to people talk as much (Youtube’s comment section is still a cesspit but much less of one). The removal of star ratings and layout changes was also annoying, but the like/dislike system works decently. However, there’s a level of insanity in their most recent change that I can scarcely believe. It’s like youtube WANTS to fade into hopeless obscurity. As such, I am going to hope to God that this is something that only I am going through, and that no one else is actually having this problem: I can no longer add favorite videos.

No, seriously.

And yes, I checked, the new videos i’ve tried to add are not videos I’ve seen before or added before.

I can hit that ‘add to’ and then ‘favorites’ thing (that ticks me off but still works) but then when I go to look at my favorites, they’re not actually added to favorites. In fact, someone apparently decided to go to town on my favorites playlist, as there’s now only 100 videos there when I had a few hundred before. And my liked videos, while able to add new videos, are now stuck at 100.

Years worth of videos, now gone.

And I can’t add any more, either.


Why would you bloody do this?! Why would you make it a 100 times more difficult for us to find videos we like?! WHAT THE HELL, YOUTUBE?!

“The redesign to YouTube’s web pages is supposed to make them feel “similar to the mobile apps you’re spending almost half your YouTube time with,” YouTube web developer Yining Zhao said in a blog post announcing the change.”

…Ah ha.



Fuckin’. HA.


You neutered the favorite/liked videos system so you could put in a (frankly butt-fugly) centered layout?! ARE YOU HIGH?!?! Just… NO! This is the biggest encouragement I’ve yet seen to go to any site BUT youtube! Please, for the love of god, tell me i’m the only person going through this and it’s something that’ll clear up soon. Because fucking hell, guys!!!

Ugh… Rant over. Am I the only one? Please say yes.

EDIT: Actually, I just learned their new policy makes even LESS sense. Now, new videos are added to the very END of your current favorites playlist.

…Why? >.> Look, I’ve had my youtube account for years. There are over a thousand videos on that list. So now if I want to look at a more recent favorite than *checks* i think a week ago, I gotta dig through 15 pages. That’s… that’s fucking ridiculous. Yes, i checked, you can’t (for some ungodly reason) arrange it so that more recent videos are first.

Prompt: Write a letter to your younger self, say 5-10 years. What would you tell them, assuming you couldn’t stop major disasters (personal or otherwise) from occurring?

Dear younger me,

We’ve never been good at this whole heartfelt speech crap, so let me just belt out all the advice and pretend it’s surrounded by fluffy language to make it sound nice.

1) Your behavior is fine. The people around you that are avoiding you or acting distant are doing so because they have their own problems. Chances are it’s not because you said the wrong thing or looked at them too long. Stop beating yourself up over it, especially if you probably weren’t going to talk to them anyway.

2) When people say that stories ‘come alive’ when you’re writing, it’s not a metaphor (Shortly before beginning to write this letter I had an idea regarding my current trilogy’s second book that just seemed to grow organically out of two or three elements I’d already thrown in… and really, the idea was cooler than my original justification for the war)

3) Don’t worry – I’m still single and alone. It is indeed possible to keep yourself from falling in love. Your parents and society in general lied to you.

Sincerely, your older self.

PS. Politics are awful and will eat at your soul. Don’t get into it if you can avoid it.

We Live In A Police State…Please share with everyone you know…We Have to Stop This If We Want To Be Free

Chastisement 2014

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Brandy Berning spent a night in jail after recording her traffic stop.

DAVIE, Fla. – “Get off of me! You are breaking the law!” shouts a South Florida woman as a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy enters her car and drags her out, all because she was recording her traffic stop on Interstate 95.

Now, the police agency is facing serious legal action for alleged battery, false arrest and false imprisonment.

The saga of single mother Brandy Berning began last March when she was driving alone in the HOV carpool lane, which is designed for vehicles carrying more than one passenger…

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Quote about warrior cultures

“Just because I’m brave enough to die saving a child from a burning building doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to stand in that burning building and do the cancan while it comes down on top of me.” -A warrior culture with actual thought put into it.

The Joker’s new design

For those of you who haven’t seen it, there’s a link. Short version: it looks like joker peeled off someone’s face, put it over his own, and hooked his mouth into a permanent grin. I am so glad I don’t read comics.

It’s stupid and I hate it.

I just… who thought this was a good idea?! It’s disturbing, sure, but a rape scene on every page would be disturbing too! That doesn’t mean it’s any good, it just means the person who wrote the damn thing is a sick son of a-

Okay, okay… Calm down. Just… explain.

It’s no secret that the Joker is basically the anti-Batman. A happy, bright exterior and demeanor with an insane black heart of evil personified, contrasted with the dark terrifying exterior with a selfless heart of justice and good. Joker laughs, Batman broods. Joker kills en masse without a second of thought. Batman refuses to kill to the point that he will defy physics to avoid killing someone (see that Red Hood movie). Joker’s vain and loves to talk, Batman prefers to keep his mouth shut and just scare the shit out of you. Both are geniuses, but the Joker uses his genius to break people down, while Batman uses his to build people up… well okay, that last one is more iffy, but you get the idea.

My first problem with this redesign is that it completely ignores this. The joker is supposed to be happy, bright and cheery, laughing his way through exploding cars. Even the Heath Ledger joker, with his scars and evident psychosis in a darker and grittier world, was laughing and smiling and cheering his way through the horrific carnage. (Need I remind everyone of the exploding hospital scene) Now? He looks more disturbing than Batman, a quasi-immortal super ninja who has made it his explicit goal to strike fear into the hearts of men. Sure, he’s got the permanent grin, but it’s clearly meant to be disturbing, and that’s where we have my next problem. The permanent grin.

Now, you may ask why this is such a big deal. After all, you might say, the Joker’s smile is what the character is all about. I just finished saying the character’s a happy, grinny anti-Batman. Let me ask you: How are you supposed to believe the grin if he never frowns?

What makes the Joker disturbing is, ultimately, that he enjoys everything he’s doing. He will kill your daughter in front of you and laugh, cracking a joke about being in bed by nine. One of his most iconic weapons is a poison gas that freezes your face into a permanent grin. (and kills you in several incarnations). And we know he enjoys being a mad lunatic because the smile is completely voluntary. And we know this because, occasionally, he stops smiling. The two moments that spring immediately to mind are his bomb plot on the Vegas strip (see the Justice League Animated series), usually when talking to Flash, and when Terry breaks him by talking in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. In both cases, he stops frowning because he’s annoyed or angry. Even if only subconsciously, this reinforces that yes, when he’s smiling, it’s because he’s genuinely happy, not because he’s got his face stuck in a permanent grin. When they gave him the Heath Ledger lip scars, sure, he had a permanent ‘grin’, but aside from the scars, the rest of his mouth could still frown, sneer, do whatever, so it wasn’t too bad. Here… it’s like breaking the glass of a revolving door to unlock it, ya might get in the building but that doesn’t mean the door’s gonna spin!

Do I even NEED to talk about the belt on his head?!

…. I don’t see a problem with the suit, though.

I dunno. Like I said before, I’m not really a comic fan, so I don’t have much business complaining. And maybe comic fans out there actually want this sort of thing. But… look, this still ticks me off. The Joker is one of my favorite villains of all time (Azula from Avatar still comes out on top, but Joker’s up there) and this design feels like an utter butchery that just makes me sick to my stomach.

And not in a good, ‘oh god why am I laughing he just dumped someone in acid’, way.

Prompt: What country should fictional villains be from?

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The question ‘what country should fictional villains be from’ already misses the damn point.

A fictional character can be from any country you choose, from the real-world city of new york to the fictional middle eastern town of… i dunno, let’s call it Ahcem. But a person from New York isn’t going to be the same as a person from Ahcem, who isn’t going to be the same as a person from Japan, or Brazil, or the United Federation of Planets. A villain from Russia isn’t going to have the same values, skills, plans or goals as a villain from the Sahara Desert, which is why making your villain automatically from a given location missed the point of giving them a place of origin to begin with. A specific country is not, in and of itself, a valid reason to have a villain from there.

If you have a 50 year old communist secret agent turned businessman, it makes sense for him to be from Russia. But – as an example – it doesn’t make much sense to have your Nazi be a time travelling Viking from South Africa. A fictional character’s home and place of origin should say something about who they are. Russia, for instance, has a long history of strong central governments and autocratic rulers, so it would make sense that a Russian man have a strong belief in discipline, unity, the value of the collective over the individual, etc. On the other hand, America has a long history of fighting against a new “crisis” every generation or so, and arguing over the nature of liberty. An American man would be more likely to value individual autonomoy and the power of personal choice. It’s okay for a Nazi to be German (for what I hope are obvious reasons) but it doesn’t mean that a German villain is okay to treat like a Nazi.

So the question becomes ‘what would cause this villain to think this way’. If that is enhanced by a particular nationality, so be it, but the idea that any particular nationality is automatically okay to be a villain is racist, nationalist, AND stupid.

In addition, one must be careful not to fall into stereotyping any particular group. To use a previous example, while it is perfectly possible that someone from Russia would believe in the power of a strong government, it’s also possible they would reject their nation’s ideas entirely and instead be strong proponents of Anarchy, or just in part and urge for a strong welfare state. Or not even particularly care about politics and just be a huge anime geek, who builds giant robots to conquer nations for fun… Better write that one down.

I find it helps to think of particular ideas as influences rather than full-on rules – vikings were encouraged to drink, fight, and worship their pantheon. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a pacifist viking, or one who refuses to drink. It’s just less expected.

(No offense meant – this isn’t a commentary on any particular nationality, I’m just saying that where you grow up and the history of where you grew up influences how you think)