Prompt: Write a letter to your younger self, say 5-10 years. What would you tell them, assuming you couldn’t stop major disasters (personal or otherwise) from occurring?

Dear younger me,

We’ve never been good at this whole heartfelt speech crap, so let me just belt out all the advice and pretend it’s surrounded by fluffy language to make it sound nice.

1) Your behavior is fine. The people around you that are avoiding you or acting distant are doing so because they have their own problems. Chances are it’s not because you said the wrong thing or looked at them too long. Stop beating yourself up over it, especially if you probably weren’t going to talk to them anyway.

2) When people say that stories ‘come alive’ when you’re writing, it’s not a metaphor (Shortly before beginning to write this letter I had an idea regarding my current trilogy’s second book that just seemed to grow organically out of two or three elements I’d already thrown in… and really, the idea was cooler than my original justification for the war)

3) Don’t worry – I’m still single and alone. It is indeed possible to keep yourself from falling in love. Your parents and society in general lied to you.

Sincerely, your older self.

PS. Politics are awful and will eat at your soul. Don’t get into it if you can avoid it.

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