Extra: Fuck. You. Youtube. *twitch*

EDIT: This issue has since been fixed. Thank you, google.

Ya know, Youtube’s done a lot of stupid shit over the last few years. Integrating google+, its copyright policies that felt like slash-and-burn tactics more than legitimate attempts at protecting copyright, the removal of the star rating… and personally, I’ve tolerated it. Nothing worth getting upset over for me. The copyright policies were disgusting, sure, but I didn’t personally have any videos. The comment system sucked, but at least we didn’t have to listen to people talk as much (Youtube’s comment section is still a cesspit but much less of one). The removal of star ratings and layout changes was also annoying, but the like/dislike system works decently. However, there’s a level of insanity in their most recent change that I can scarcely believe. It’s like youtube WANTS to fade into hopeless obscurity. As such, I am going to hope to God that this is something that only I am going through, and that no one else is actually having this problem: I can no longer add favorite videos.

No, seriously.

And yes, I checked, the new videos i’ve tried to add are not videos I’ve seen before or added before.

I can hit that ‘add to’ and then ‘favorites’ thing (that ticks me off but still works) but then when I go to look at my favorites, they’re not actually added to favorites. In fact, someone apparently decided to go to town on my favorites playlist, as there’s now only 100 videos there when I had a few hundred before. And my liked videos, while able to add new videos, are now stuck at 100.

Years worth of videos, now gone.

And I can’t add any more, either.


Why would you bloody do this?! Why would you make it a 100 times more difficult for us to find videos we like?! WHAT THE HELL, YOUTUBE?!

“The redesign to YouTube’s web pages is supposed to make them feel “similar to the mobile apps you’re spending almost half your YouTube time with,” YouTube web developer Yining Zhao said in a blog post announcing the change.”

…Ah ha.



Fuckin’. HA.


You neutered the favorite/liked videos system so you could put in a (frankly butt-fugly) centered layout?! ARE YOU HIGH?!?! Just… NO! This is the biggest encouragement I’ve yet seen to go to any site BUT youtube! Please, for the love of god, tell me i’m the only person going through this and it’s something that’ll clear up soon. Because fucking hell, guys!!!

Ugh… Rant over. Am I the only one? Please say yes.

EDIT: Actually, I just learned their new policy makes even LESS sense. Now, new videos are added to the very END of your current favorites playlist.

…Why? >.> Look, I’ve had my youtube account for years. There are over a thousand videos on that list. So now if I want to look at a more recent favorite than *checks* i think a week ago, I gotta dig through 15 pages. That’s… that’s fucking ridiculous. Yes, i checked, you can’t (for some ungodly reason) arrange it so that more recent videos are first.


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