Everything wrong with this tweet


The reason that the name is blurred out is to protect the innocent (HAHAHAHAHA), but the face isn’t blurred out, implying that we wouldn’t be able to find the guy in the photo with his face… Which implies he’s got a face nobody would notice because it’s black… well, okay, not really, it’s probably just because you can’t search by image, but I wanted to start with something less obvious than ‘Pluto was never a state!’

That should be ‘someone’ instead of ‘somebody’.(1)

‘Was’ should be ‘were’, or ‘are’. (2)

While ‘America’ is generally used to refer to the USA, the term technically refers to North, South, and Central America as a whole. There are a lot more than 50 countries in all that area, even assuming you don’t count the 49 states of America as 49 states (Hawaii is an island in the pacific ocean, and is not technically part of the Americas.) (3)

‘Nuh-uh, Cause’ should be ‘No, because’. (4) Also, ’cause’ shouldn’t be capitalized. (5)


Scientists determined that Pluto was too small to be a planet, not that it didn’t exist,(7) and it was ‘determined’, not ‘found out’, we already knew the size of Pluto. (8) Also, it should be ‘doesn’t’. (9) And finally, “the scientists”? Scientists are a profession, not a social class. (10)

Pluto was never a state. (11) Nor was it ever in America. (12)

We don’t have 49 planets, as far as we know. I mean I guess there could be 41 past Pluto and/or closer to the sun than Mercury, but as far as we know we’ve just got the 8. (13)

For those of you who haven’t used Twitter before, tweets with images have a link embedded in their text to the image itself. This tweet contains an image, but no link to that image. Yes, I’m well aware it was added to the tweet later. Shut up. (14)

Sins: 14.
Sentence: Pluto, America


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