A Poem for a Playground

In my dreams I can still feel you breathing
My thoughts always turn to your old place
You’ll only be gone for seven days,
But it never feels like that’s the case

The friends we shared, the laughs that you brought me
Just fade away, like the darkest night
Though I know that I need you per say,
I do still wish I could find the light.

Without you something in my life’s missing,
And it’s only now that sounds creepy.
Cringing, I …. just realized I’m writing a poem about how much I miss a website. I have problems, man.


How Hollywood would ruin #3: Dota 2

Antimage would speak in a southern accent and his quest to eliminate magic would be a metaphor for racial cleansing about as thinly veiled as yo momma last night.

The puns would be even worse than in the game.

Clinkz would be paired with Crystal Maiden instead of Lina (Best ship!) and that would be the stated reason that they hate each other. Because nobody can understand a sibling rivalry, right? *twitch* No, gotta make it about who’s gonna get boned… pun intended.

The two sides would be referred to as the Scourge and the Sentinel as readily as the Dire and the Radiant.

It would fail the Bechdel test. I mean sure, the female designs are skimpy enough to raise an eyebr0w, but there’s enough females and life-threatening danger on the fields of strife to warrant talking about SOMETHING other than how awesome Sven’s ult would be in bed.

Kunnka would be played by Johnny Depp, Rubick would be played by Shia Lebouf and Dragon Knight would be played by… WHAT DO YOU MEAN DRAGON KNIGHT ISN’T IN THIS MOVIE?!


Vin Diesel would be in the movie, but he would be playing Puck. The faerie dragon.

Tim Burton would direct in his signature gloomy gothic style. (Honestly I’d be kind of interested to see his interpretation of the Dire, but unfortunately he’d also have to do the Radiant)

Meepo would create illusions of himself. (for those of you taking notes, that’s Phantom Lancer’s job. Meepo creates full-on clones)

Phantom Assassin would serve the hidden ones.

Speaking of which, every character with ‘assassin’ in their name would feel bad about killing people for no reason.

Lifestealer would have a Jekyll-Hyde relationship. Which wouldn’t be so bad if he would call the other half ‘master’.

There will not be a single teamfight in the entire film.

Broodmother will be humanoid (think spider-centaur – I’m sure they have a name of some kind… Drider, that was it!) and the stereotypical doting grandmother.

Terrorblade and anti-mage will be brothers.

Basic plot: The Radiant and Dire ancients must unite to stop the Elder Titan from summoning the dark Weaver who will unmake all of reality.

Timbersaw will be eager to run towards the trees. OUTSIDE of his battlesuit. Also, he’ll regularly be called ‘Rumble’

Drow will be called a ‘black elf’ throughout the movie and wear that stupid cosmetic set with the cat ears. She will also be played by K$sha. You may start shooting me now.

Black Elf Ranger will be referred to as ‘not-Ashe’ and they will never explain who Ashe is.

Invoker will fill the wise, humble mentor role a la Iroh from Avatar. (for those of you who don’t know, Invoker’s ego is only slightly smaller than the known universe)

The movie will end with the Ancients reconciling their differences.

Silencer will have more lines than anyone else in the film. And NOT because he shut everyone else up.

Sand King will work out of Burger King. Also, Burger King will be in this movie.

There will be less story than a 20 minute match of Dota. And twice as much cursing.

Tiny will shrink over the course of the movie.

Roshan will be a dust cloud from space.

The mad moon will still be in the sky.

Do you agree with my list? Are there any things YOU think Hollywood would screw up about our favorite franchises? What franchise would you like me to do next? Lemme know in the comment section!… Because I don’t get anywhere near enough comments =(

Prototype Scene: The Aurora Wood

[This is a scene from my current rough draft for Chronicles of Hodra. This is one of several scenes to occur in the Aurora Wood from last time. In it, the Hodran are just about to attack the Horos main base. The Horos have been driven back quite a bit at this point, and are starting to lose faith in their commander, and rightly so. He’s an idiot.

I’m not sure if this scene will stay in the book, or if it will play out exactly in this manner.]

Where had it all gone so wrong?

Sagia remembered when they had first come here. The excitement, the confidence, the assurance of victory had long ago passed, to be replaced by fear, uncertainty and paranoia.  The Copai she had under her command were restless, and she understood perfectly well why. An animal will jump at every shadow, and a Nightworld had many shadows to jump at, even for Horos.

“What if we collapse that tree?” Copai 7 suggested. “It could block the path off, or maybe we could try and collapse it on the Hodran?”

Sagia looked to ‘that tree’ and bristled with irritation. There wasn’t enough room to place one of their Zodia mechs in the area they were guarding, so two watch towers and a small patrol had been set up. Normally they just would have leveled the crystals, but supposedly the Hodran considered it a sacred grove or something and wouldn’t attack it. She understood, but having a logical reason why you’re open to attack isn’t even remotely comforting.

At least she had twelve Copai with her. Perhaps they could be her meat shield.

“Wouldn’t work.” Copai 4 replied, pointing to the trunk. “We’d only be able to collapse it from the trunk. They’re small, quick, and live in these trees. Block the path, they’ll just climb over it or go around, and the metal men will be slowed down. Try to collapse it on them, and they’ll be inside before it lands.”

The Horos were on the run now, and everyone seemed to know it. The Hodran were animals like the Copai, and yet the Horos had been driven back. Foul sorcerey could explain quite a bit of their setbacks, but not all. It was fairly evident to her and the rest of the Horos on-base that Capric was simply incompetent.

“Well what about-”

“Would you animals cease your innane prattle?!” Sagia snarled. “You exist to serve, not to think.”

The Copai bowed their heads. “Yes, mistress.”

Sagia was quiet, trembling as she looked away. “Set up the tree to collapse anyway. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

The planet wasn’t cold enough to make her tremble.

Sagia was beginning to doubt the mission. She would never question the Lady, of course, but she questioned how her commanders had chosen to follow Her instructions. Capric seemed the bumbling fool. Their forces were constantly thwarted and outmaneuvered, like children trying to build a particle accelerator (granted, not much room to talk, she didn’t manage it until 7) and there was absolutely no reason for it. Capric had grown eccentric, too, talking to himself in empty rooms, yelling at his aides for no apparent reason, and generally growing more unstable by the minute.

…Who was in command after Capric, again? Was it Taura? Her hand unconsciously dropped to her crossbow. Perhaps she would do a better job than this miserable-

There was a slight hum, two loud cracks, and darkness swallowed her.

She pulled out her weapon, snarling at the sudden change. The Copai were scrambling as well. She could hear them grabbing their daggers and clubs. She could hear thumps as her charges hit the ground. She fired at the minute sounds of paws on grass, but was disappointed to hear Copai 2 yell out in pain.

She had just enough time to wonder how they had turned the trees off before consciousness left her.

Story update: Aurora Wood

A week ago

Maybe I should type up my next blog post early… Midterms this week, after all.

Two days ago

I should at least START, the only things I have left are a partner letter that my partner offered to finish and a presentation on x86 computer systems…

Yesterday afternoon

Welp! Midterms are done. Should probably get on that blog post now.

Yesterday evening

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1:52pm Today

What was I supposed to have done by ten this mor- …SHIT!

Everything below is subject to change. In particular the name ‘Hodran’ will probably change.

A grove of crystal trees in the planet’s southern hemisphere, the Aurora Wood is a sacred place to the Hodran species. It is the only location on Hodra (outside of its volcanoes) where light shines. When a Hodran dies, their spirit wanders the surface of Hodra for a time. However, spirits eventually travel to the wood to rest. The crystalline trees of the Aurora Wood hold countless spirits within, and shaman can learn much through communicating with them. It is the final resting place of all Hodran.

During the First Contact (the Hodran’s name for their first war with the Horos) the Aurora Wood was occupied by the Horos as their main base of operations. General Capric believed that because the grove was both intact and uninhabited before their arrival, the Hodran would not attack the base with anything larger than a strike force for fear of damaging the trees. In addition, the trees gave off a bright glow that would allow his soldiers to see more clearly while keeping the Hodran wary.


The Aurora wood features prominently in the first part of the Chronicles of Hodra, and I got stuck during a scene i was writing on it. So I decided to sketch it out, get a general feel for where everything is in the story. And then I realized I was late on writing a blog post and owed you guys a story update.

The tiny circles are the crystal trees mentioned above. The bigger circles with giant lines coming out of them (that look kind of like broken lightbulbs) are the regular trees… the ‘regular trees’ for Hodra, anyway, which are more like skyscrapers than trees. The things that look like corn feeders are watch towers. (There’s probably a few more than are sketched here), but the ones that are sketched here have spotlights). The boxes with Zs on them are mechs (stands for Zodia).

In the scene I’m stuck on, the Hodran are leading an assault on the Horos base. The story is told partly through the eyes of a Horos soldier, but I had no idea how the space the Horos was in related to the Hodran or where their patrol would be. I decided eventually that the Hodran would go in in a way that they were sure would avoid the mechs – namely, a cluster of crystal trees too close together for the mechs to maneuver properly. See those triangles in the bottom left? Those are Horos and Copai, on patrol. They’re a bigger force than usual since A) [redacted for spoilers] and B) they can’t get mechs in there.

In the center is a massive crystal tree (I’ve got a role in mind for it, but I haven’t decided if it’ll serve a role in this particular book) and a Horos Gate, a rather advanced piece of tech that plays a heavy role in the story

Hope this bit of world-building was worth the minute or two it took to read =) Yes, I am fully aware it’s odd to call it the ‘Aurora wood’ when the trees are crystal, not wood.

(oh, and the text you see there on the right is from the back of the page. They’re notes on the forest itself.)