Prompt: “10 things I believe”

10. We are living in the golden age of humanity that most apocalypse stories look back on fondly, and that’s fucking depressing.

9. When writing a promiscuous character, there must be something interesting about them that has nothing to do with sex, as well as a reason that they wouldn’t have sex, in order for them to be interesting.

8. Sex is as bad for you as drugs.

7. The fanfic ‘Harmony Theory’ is the actual future of the main MLP storyline… well okay, this is more ‘something I wish’, but still.

6. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism… except for black Friday, but that’s not so much the system’s fault, since it’s largely caused by massive sales starting Black Friday instead of… ya know… THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING. (seriously people, I get that everyone wants to visit their families on thanksgiving, but PEOPLE ARE DIEING, extend the sale a bit and have people work on thanksgiving so there’s not as much of a mad rush!)

5. Price Gouging is like amputation: it sounds and looks harsh as fuck, but it saves lives.

4. One day, when I’m ultra famous, someone’s going to go trawling through the internet, find this list and use it to publicly smear me because some people are assholes.

3. Earth’s history is moving as close to a proper anarchist society as it can manage, which is pretty good, but it’ll be at least a few more centuries before we don’t need the state, and a¬†millennium after that before we actually get rid of it.

2. The only thing worse for your soul than politics is to talk about politics.

1. Uther from Warcraft 3 is an idiot.

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