Venting on an attempted stabbing

I should emphasize that what I’m about to tell you has all been put together from second and third hand accounts. This is not a story, this is not a joke, and I did not schedule this beforehand.

… Okay, so at the lodge place I’m staying at, every night there’s games hosted behind the arcade room. Mostly sand-bag tossing and beer pong. The latter is basically a drinking game where you throw the ball into the beer and make someone else take a drink.

This big guy I never saw and don’t know the name of (we’ll call him ‘Frank’) was doing pretty well in the game’s last bit and starts talking trash to his opponent (we’ll call him Leo). As the game went on, Frank and his mom continued to trash talk Leo and apparently it got pretty nasty. Then Leo told them off (something along the lines of telling Frank’s mom that she didn’t “know what the¬†fuck she was talking about”) and Frank got pissed and tried to start a fight. Leo refused and tried to back off, and Frank tried to punch him anyway.

Frank’s mom got between them and tried to call Frank off, Frank shoved her down and grabbed a knife off of the table left over from dinner (not really clear on when he got the knife, I just know he got it at some point during the fight). He makes a few swings but then drops it. Leo yells out that he had a knife, and… I’m a little unclear on how the fight broke up, but I think Frank’s friend showed up and pulled him off.

This place is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful.

My bro, a ton of my friends and the girl I got a crush on were all there.

No one was hurt. Thank god.

But that is still not fucking okay.

I’m sorry to burden you all with this. But I gotta tell somebody.

God damn me, I should have been there… I don’t care if I couldn’t do anything, I should’ve… I dunno.

*sigh* Thanks for listening.

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