Prompt: The Purge

(On Paladin and Demon: I ran into some issues with the story, not the least of which being the inability to write it while out of town, so I need to push it back. I don’t want to say Tuesday for certain, but I’ll put it up Tuesday if it’s done by then. If not, I’ll post the next part of my Warcraft 3 LP. Thank you for your patience, all 2 followers of mine)

Many people hate even the concept behind the series of movies known as ‘The Purge’. Many others see it as wasted potential. Imagine you were the writer of the next Purge movie. What would you pitch as the concept? (You may submit multiple)

Okay. The purge is an absurdly stupid concept that relies on its viewer knowing nothing about how crime and evil work. But hey, they made a movie about Battleship, why not?

Here we go.

1) A young man kills a politician during the Purge for doing something bad. Let’s say, causing the death of his younger brother, or hitting his father with a car. Whatever it was, he is arrested for it due to a law that makes it illegal to murder government officials in high office (basically, the President and Congressmen) during the Purge. However, the case goes to the supreme court, since it brings up the question of whether or not politicians can be killed during the purge. The protagonist is a lawyer who wants the purge gone entirely, but sees the best way of defeating it as chipping away at the legality of it bit by bit. She argues that because the Purge makes ALL crime legal, the murderer should be let off, and that the purge is invalid if the defendant cannot commit murder against anyone. The Purge is upheld, but the law that allowed the defendant to be arrested is struck down. So now politicians can be killed during the purge.

However, the Defendant is killed before the next purge can take place, and the lawyer’s reputation is destroyed by tying her to the murder despite her innocence.

2) A scientist, in a bid to cure cancer, kidnaps and experiments directly on humans during the purge, ignoring all ethical concerns in his race. He does so for decades, and our movie’s protagonist is his latest victim/subject. At the end, the protagonist dies, but the doctor has indeed found the cure and distributes it. The fact that the cure is found is critical, as it shows why anyone would ever tolerate something like the Purge and makes that line about ‘all the good the purge does’ actually MEAN something. Statistics about crime and unemployment are too abstract to pose a legitimate question regarding morality in the viewer’s mind.

3) Show us the man credited for starting the purge getting involved in the wrong end of the purge itself. This would be something incredibly interesting if done correctly. Show us why he instituted it, any guilt he might feel. Ya know, psychological character study type thing. It could work.

4) What kind of militia or guerilla groups would operate during that 12 hour time frame? Like, would the KKK and the Black Panthers wage their bloodiest wars when they can’t be arrested for them? Perhaps against each other? Perhaps with magic ninja laser powers and giant robots?! … COME ON, WORK WITH ME HERE!

2 comments on “Prompt: The Purge

  1. I haven’t seen the movie. Looked it up on Wikipedia and IMDB and it looks … dumb. Interesting idea, but just still … really dumb. I’d have to take the line that most people probably wouldn’t take the opportunity to commit a crime spree, because morality isn’t caused by law. Also that a 12 hour window to do whatever you liked would also not greatly reduce the crime rate, because what, are people going to steal an entire year’s worth of groceries and TVs in one night? And let’s face it: so long as downloading copyrighted material online remains a crime, 99% of us would spend the 12 hours of the Purge at home on Pirate Bay.
    As for your idea, it’s certainly more palatable than the movie plot. There are some interesting concepts in there, challenging the Purge and the greater good bit with the scientist. And that true bit of morality, the hate groups going to war with each other. Oh man, you could make the movie just about that. Or a sport.

    • halftangible says:

      It’s implied (apparently) that the Purge’s main purpose is to cull poor people from America and encourages them to make war on themselves, since poverty is a major cause of crime.

      I agree that it’s an incredibly dumb idea that makes absolutely no sense in the real world (crime has been falling since the early 90s, for one) but you could say the same about, say, Pacific Rim, Captain America 2 and the Lion King. If the movie is actually good, then the audience will suspend disbelief.

      The first purge was (again, apparently – haven’t seen it) just using the Purge as an excuse to keep the police from showing up during a home invasion movie and to allow for half-assed class warfare commentary because MONEY IZ BAD or something.

      And I have to wonder how the copyright system would react to the purge. Would, say, Games Workshop be allowed to sue me for putting up a 3d printing file of a space marine if I did so during the purge and left it up? Or is on there forever and can never be taken down… there’s so many interesting ideas with a concept like this that what they’ve done with it ends up being disappointing.

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