An open letter to @DAVIDMDRAIMAN #GamerGate

Dear Mr.Draiman,

I’m going to avoid being hostile in this letter as much as I can – much like my letters to Todd in the Shadows and Misandraste’s Herald, I’m not writing this to insult you personally, belittle you or your opinion, or anything like that. I just want to explain some things.

When I first saw you tweeting about an anti-semitic joke, it was April 1st. Naturally, I didn’t take it too seriously at the time – I figured this was either an April Fool’s prank you’d taken as serious (understandable, given that anti-semitism is a very serious issue) or that it was an April Fool’s prank of your own. You might’ve seen my tweet to you on that, actually (doubt it, but still.)

It is now mid-afternoon on April 2nd CST and you have continued to speak about it, so I must assume you’re serious. As such, I wish to respond to your apparent confusion that GamerGate doesn’t care about anti-semitism.

The reason GamerGate didn’t join immediately in your hashtag (ignoring that several people DID) is that we don’t see any merit to the idea that @TrevorNoah’s joke was anti-semitic. Actual hatred is different from a joke. Saying ‘I knew white guys couldn’t jump’ in response to a failed basketball shot is nowhere near the same level as, say, spray-painting a Nazi swastika onto the grave of a Jew.

(EDIT: Also, because #GamerGate has nothing to do with anti-semitism, it’s a pro-developer movement for ethics in journalism)

Part of the problem for me is that I can’t find the actual joke that set you off, at least in part because as far as I can tell you haven’t been promoting it. It’s one thing to say ‘stand with me against this anti-semitic asshole’ it’s another to just TELL us he’s anti-semitic.

The reason we still haven’t joined in is that you blatantly created this hashtag in order to attack one person who said something you dislike. In case you haven’t noticed, #GamerGate has been against attacks like this for a long time, despite what Srhbutts would have the world believe.

Here’s the really big one, though: If you wanted #GamerGate’s support, telling us that we’re either with you or against you in this matter (“you have one day to show your support, or you’re anti-semitic”) was the worst thing you could’ve done. We’ve been hearing that same s#@$ thrown at us for 8 months now and it instantly turned most of us hostile to you, and unwilling to listen.

Because saying that someone is a horrible human being to get them to do what you want is not what #GamerGate does – it’s what Social Justice Warriors do.

Was the joke actual hatred? Maybe, but as I said, you aren’t showing the joke. As someone who has tried his hand at comedy a few times (albeit usually poorly) I find it concerning that we’re just supposed to ASSUME that the joke is anti-semitic.

And on top of all of that, you’ve given Anti-#GamerGate the perfect, juicy little story to continue to slander and defame #GamerGate. Now, as far as the public is concerned, we’re anti-semites because you decided that one joke was worth burning down an entire movement dedicated to ethics. It doesn’t matter now if #GamerGate DOES jump behind you and support this move – we’re stained by this slander now.

Again, this is not an attack – I just want you to consider what you’ve gained from this move for a moment.


PS. Also, please consider: you’re fighting a comedian – who now hosts the Daily Show, btw – with words. That’s like trying to fight a dragon with a flamethrower. You’re gonna lose. The fact that your tweets are in all caps is not going to help matters, either.

PPS. Yes, I hate anti-semitism. That’s not the point.

(EDIT: One other thing. Anti-GG has outright stated that they want the gas chambers to return, so they can shove GamerGate supporters into them. I’ve got screencaps if you want ’em)

(For the uninitiated: Social Justice Warriors are a brand given to far-left activists that attempt to censor and/or silence the opposition through dog-piling and shame tactics, largely in the name of ‘social justice’ or ‘equality’ or other nice-sounding terms that mean whatever they want them to. You can imagine what this right-wing libertarian/anarchist thinks of THAT.)

EDIT: Okay, I found your twitlonger.

While I have to disagree on the assumption you make that comedy is worth attacking someone for, I was wrong to assume this was a crusade against one purpose. And I would be lieing if I said I was okay with how Jews have been treated lately.

Maybe it’s just because my education went amazingly well given the state of America’s schools, but it baffles me that anyone can deny the holocaust.

I condemn anti-semitism.

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