An Open Letter to @DamonGantX #GamerGate

Dear Damon,

This is not a personal attack, or harassment, or an attempt to belittle you at all. I just want to correct you and feel the need to do so in a full blog post. (Also, I’ve been on a bit of a serious-stuff binge lately and wanted to talk about something more benign than, say, my years of contemplated suicide that video games saved me from, or attempted murder through mailed syringe.)

You said that a lack of empathy is what ties autsitic people, #GamerGate, and evil people together.

Let’s ignore your ableist language and talk about your use of the word ’empathy’.

‘Empathy’ is the ability to understand and (more importantly) share the feelings of another. This is not something that autistic people, #GamerGate, or even evil people lack (sociopaths do, but that’s not the same as being evil)

You, on the other hand, used empathy to mean… Honestly I’m not sure. You kept saying that a lack of empathy was why we couldn’t understand why Anti-#GamerGate thinks we’re a terrorist group. But we know and understand exactly why you think we’re a terrorist group: you’re cherry-picking the worst responses tweeted to the hashtag as if they’re representative of the whole group (“A cannibal was born in new york once. Therefore, all people born in new york are cannibals!”) and willfully ignoring the same BS pulled by your own side. An opinion that was only reinforced by your behavior.

When I presented you with these tweets from Anti-#GamerGate:


You ignored them entirely. This is very typical of aGG, and

You insisted, over and over, that the reason I couldn’t understand was because I lacked empathy because I’m autistic.

What I have is aspergers syndrome, which means I lack social empathy. I can still feel like anyone else can, and understand the emotions of others. Lacking social empathy means that recognizing the emotions another is feeling is not something that comes naturally to me. I had to learn it, like any other skill.

Yes, aspergers is a form of autism, but autistic people do not lack empathy.

Oh, and evil people DO have empathy. Evil people have friends, family, loved ones… even will sacrifice themselves for others. You’re thinking ‘sociopaths’. Which is like evil, only smarter.


PS. No, I didn’t look up who ‘juicebro’ is (though I was told Mike Cernovich). Only anti calls him that and I don’t google anything that sounds like a porn star name.


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