An open letter to @Wheeler regarding #GamerGate harassment

Dear Wheeler,

This letter is not an attack on you, nor harassment or anything of the sort. You seem like a decent guy, and willing to listen to reason. So I just want to respond to a point you made in our conversation earlier. In particular, I want to address the question you posed regarding one of Gnoll’s points. Gnoll noted that the death and rape threats Anti-#GamerGate uses to prove its points are not credible, and your response was:

“Are you seriously saying none of #Gamergate’s critics have been harassed or threatened?”

(Or something very close to that – sorry, I’m typing this up on my laptop and can’t find the original tweet)

No one is denying that #GamerGate’s critics have received harassment or threats. That would be ludicrous. This is the internet, of course they have.

However, as Gnoll showed you, several of the death and rape threats being linked to #GamerGate are false flags, where the people involved in Anti either deliberately ask for people to tweet rape and death threats to the hashtag (rather infamously even offering download codes for games at one point) or do so themselves and then remove their names from the screencap (such as the one Gnoll showed you) to slander the tag.

In other cases, a troll account with almost no other tweets will use their first tweet to the hashtag as an opportunity to send a death/rape threat. This is not an uncommon practice within Anti, and it’s regularly used as ‘evidence’ of GG’s status as a hate movement. But these threats are not credible because the accounts sending the threats are either barely involved in #GamerGate or Anti false-flagging us.

What’s worse is that Anti will excuse cases like this:


By saying that #GamerGate is a verified hate group. But again, none of these threats are CREDIBLE.

(To be clear: ‘Credible’ in this context means that the death threat is neither a hoax nor trolling, but an actual threat on someone’s life, and can be verified as such. Such as sending someone a needle half-full of an unidentified liquid.)

The burden of proof that #GamerGate is a hate group falls onto Anti, but they have gone out of their way to outright lie about our group and use fringe/troll accounts so many times that at this point I can’t take anything at its word anymore. If you (in general, not you specifically) can regularly declare that #GamerGate is THE F$#@%ING KKK I EXPECT YOU TO BACK IT UP.

But no. Instead Anti spends its time declaring itself the good guy while doing stuff like this. (NSFW)

#GamerGate is not the hate group, its critics are.

AntiIsTheHateGroup BringBackBullyingMovieBob_Token_Calgary


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