An open letter to @RidiculousCargo on #GamerGate’s origin

Dear Cargo,

I’m not going to lie, this feels like a complete waste of time and energy and I’m not sure why I’m bothering to try. Hope springs eternal, I guess. I’ll try and stay calm and civil, but I’ll probably fail and do apologize in advance. I’m not very good at being calm.

#GamerGate’s origin isn’t something I was actually around for, I’ll freely admit that – I joined in #GamerGate around February or so. I do know from observation and research that your assertion that this was all a campaign to harass Zoe Quinn is untrue. However, it is a common assertion and I feel the need to respond to it more thoroughly.

Okay. So. Your first respond to my tweet (that was in response to something you said) was to point out that Adam Baldwin’s first tweet on the hashtag contained two videos detailing Zoe Quinn’s liaisons with multiple men. We’ll ignore that he did so at the behest of a woman’s request for support, as well as the fact that finding one particular woman distasteful is not ‘misogyny’.

Here’s the thing: no one cared that Quinn was sleeping around (something she freely admitted, btw) and in fact this probably would’ve fallen completely into obscurity, except for the fact that one of the people she was sleeping with was Nathan Grayson, a journalist who had reported on her game, Depression Quest. Even that would not have been a problem, except that Grayson failed to disclose this information. This raised concerns over his impartiality on the game, which is fairly reasonable: you’re going to be biased in someone’s favor if you’re sleeping with them, that’s basic common sense and human nature.

Something I want you to take note of here is that at this point, #GamerGate is basically nothing. There’s a few people posting to the hashtag, wanting to know more, trying to get answers from Grayson and Quinn, etc etc.

Then the ‘Gamers are Dead’ articles happened. Within 24 hours, 12 articles came out condemning gamers as an identity and a hobby, declaring that they had been ‘killed’ by women, or that the identity was dieing, and similar phrasing. They were needlessly inflammatory and targetted directly at ‘gamers’ as an identity – not harassers within gamers, gamers themselves were deemed the harassers – referring to the entire group as misogynistic harassers and nerds and blah blah blah, you’ve heard this before in every movie with a bully ever.

This is the point where the hashtag takes off into the movement we know today. So no, it wasn’t about harassing Zoe Quinn, gamers got pissed off that a group of sites that were supposed to be looking out for them showed that they blatantly hated us.

And no, it wasn’t JUST the Quinnspiracy either. There were a TON of events that precipitated this BS, the Quinnspiracy was just one of them. (Here’s a timeline with more details, I’ve got a final tomorrow)

As to why we keep bringing Quinn up… we don’t. ANTI does, as you did when speaking to me. You said that Adam Baldwin’s first tweet was slander, I pointed out that Quinn had admitted to the allegations. And somehow this meant I brought her up?

You have yet to respond to my tweet with photo evidence that GG’s critics are the hate group, btw.

Oh, and as to the assertion that #GamerGate is a hate group…


Keep in mind that this is the ggautoblocker. This autoblocker exists for the sole purpose of catching harassing GGrs. And it got 0.66%.

Now kindly find another gorram narrative.

All the best,
David Burton

PS. (Send kids out of the room for this one)

AntiIsTheHateGroup B_gP75EWQAA0nf- Syringe Questionaire1P2@Alison_Prime Questionaire1P1@Alison_Prime

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