An open response to Rebel Media – “Video games are for little kids” #GamerGate

“Video games are for little kids”

I am so sick and tired of this argument. “___ is for little kids”. I’m also sick of the implied ‘and adults should not care about them’ that gets attached to it, because it is a load of horse shit. You should care MORE about what your kids are playing and watching than what you are. And we live in a golden age of animation where child shows that are good enough to be watched by adults are practically the norm.

Also, you have a beard. You are way too old to seriously care about what’s adult.

“Why are adults playing video games?”

Because video games engage their players in ways other media cannot.


Have you gone back and watched Batman TAS recently, mate? That thing got pretty dark. So does its comic book counterpart. Also, the ESRB is notorious for how poorly it handles ratings for games. In all likelihood they rated it M for the violence you say you wanted to buy it for. Or maybe for some cursing.


First of all, if you don’t want to fly like Superman, you are either afraid of heights or dead inside. Sorry, it’s the truth. There’s a reason people keep begging and clamoring for jetpacks.

Second of all, Superman games are usually terrible. I would never force one of those on any kid OR adult.

“[Comic books] are for people who are special”



Alrighty then.

*tosses aside personal promise not to use insults when I write these letters*

YOU’RE the one acting like they’re special. Explain to me what is wrong with the idea that there are people who can right the wrongs of the world and be a symbol of hope and justice. Oh that’s right, you have to be cynical emo crybaby in order to be mature.

That attitude was embarrassing when I was in high school.

“In the old days you lived in the basement because you were mentally handicapped”

Putting aside for the moment that no house I’ve ever been in (let alone lived in) has actually had a basement (yeah, really. Weird, huh?), nerds hid their passions because of scumbags like you that would belittle and mock them for it. Also, scumbags very similar to but not exactly like you who would beat us up, steal our shit, etc etc.

I’m going to ignore the anecdote about shooting 12 year olds because it’s stupid even for this video.

“You’re supposed to know how things work”

Says the man who apparently does not know how entertainment media (or the internet for that matter) works.

“You’re supposed to be building a table or something”

I know how to change the breaks on my car, install a new toilet, build a fence, change doorknobs, and various other practical activities around the house. I can assemble an office chair. I assembled my own computer and am the resident tech expert. I’m putting together 3 short stories and a fantasy novel in another window. I know how programs work. I know how our fiat currency system works.

The fact that I also know how to build Dragon Knight into a 1v5 mega carry does not mean I suddenly forgot any of those things and your implication that I can’t know both is beyond stupid.

“Tv, movies, etc”

Okay. So what exactly is different about video games that makes them solely kid’s stuff?

“I don’t read fiction”

That explains so much.

“It’s a vice, it should be discouraged”

No, see, watching such a thing to the exclusion of real world issues you’re facing is a vice and should be discouraged. Doing such things on occasion is not only okay but healthy. Especially in a world as busy as ours, where you need to almost constantly be on the move and doing something. You need to take what down time you can.

“Watch TVer”

Hey dumbass. There’s this thing called ‘fandom’. Lots of TV shows have them.

You should look into it sometime.

“Put down the console”

Controller. No one with half a brain picks up the CONSOLE to play a game.

“You grown man baby”

‘The only people who are concerned with acting mature are children and stupid whiny man-babies.’ -C.S. Lewis

… Admittedly, heavily paraphrased.

“It’s embarrassing”

So are you.

Thanks for wasting the time it took me to watch your video and write this response that I’m not even going to put effort into because frankly you are not worth it.

Yours sincerely,

David Burton

PS. Even SJWs were probably raising their eyebrows at the first half of this video. I mean, there’s alternate interpretations of events, and then there’s being so wrong it cracks reality.

EDIT: Yes, I am aware the video has the caption ‘may contain satirical content’. I don’t buy it. Either it wasn’t satire, or it was really bad satire. Either way, it sucks.