An open letter to SJWs on #GamerGate

Dear SJWs, Anti-GamerGate, and people who I’ve linked this to

If I’ve linked this to you, then in all likelihood it’s because you’ve said something along the lines of ‘you have to answer for what you’ve done’ or ‘#GamerGate is a hate group’ or something similar. (Or you’ve found it where I originally posted it onto twitter)

Tell you what.

I will personally apologize for supporting #GamerGate, denounce it, and disavow myself of everything to do with it from now on if you can justify all of the following:

Labeling #GamerGate as a terrorist organization on par with ISIS (without evidence) while sending bomb threats to a GG meetup in Washington DC, and at least 10 to SPJAirplay

Defending Sarah Nyberg, a self-admitted pedophile and child rapist, on the basis that exposing her for such is worse than the actual act she was accused of.

-Bullying the Honey Badger Brigade until one of their members cried for expressing an opinion contrary to popular feminist ideology at an expo that they were then kicked out of without proper cause.

-Successfully bullied Zamii (a fan artist for Steven Universe) into attempted suicide (don’t worry, she lived) and then celebrated

Serially harassed TotalBiscuit during cancer treatment and slandered his name (for doing a thing someone ASKED HIM to do)

-Claim that someone is privileged to have prostate cancer

-Claim that #GamerGate is responsible for trying to get Veeren Jubbal associated with terrorism while knowing GG DID NOT DO IT and then doing it again later. (what’s especially baffling about this is that Blaktrick didn’t do it either, but we know the person who made the image was opposed to GG – he was happy to find out GG got the blame instead of him)

-Unironically comparing #GamerGate to mass shootings. Repeatedly.

Doxxing multiple pro-gg wikipedia editors (including a transwoman minor)

-Saying that terrorism done to resist GamerGate is perfectly acceptable

Doxxing @mombot and gleefully celebrating it (and other bulls#@$)

-Claiming to fight against harassment while having harassers in your own midst

Attacking Palmer Luckey (of Oculus Rift) and his girlfriend for allegedly being Trump and GG supporters

Comitting sexual assault, being complicit in covering it up, (albeit in a separate instance from the first) and/or denying that this person was ever on your side. (Devin is a pretty open opponent of GG)

-Everything listed here, here, and here

What? That’s not fair? You didn’t personally engage in any of these so you shouldn’t need to justify yourself?

You’re right, it isn’t fair to blame you for something you didn’t do. So why do I need to justify myself for shit #GamerGate never even did, let alone me?! All I’ve ever done is signal boost, put up moral posts, and insult some people with a lot of snark.

All of what I listed are things SJWs have actually friggen done, and I have provided you evidence for such. And this is by no means comprehensive or complete – I didn’t even include things like Lizzy’s doxxing, or the numerous false flags, or even the fact that you regularly crucify people who don’t fall in line with your insane narratives. You constantly complain about a climate of fear that you yourselves created and continue to reinforce as best you can.

I don’t hold it against individuals that didn’t participate, but they DID happen and pretending that they did not is, frankly, sickening to me. In the meantime, I watch day after day as morons and ideologues continue to call gamers terrorists and evil monsters for no good reason at all while they continue to defend some of the most sickening human beings to walk the earth. Without irony and without exaggeration.

If anyone needs to justify themselves, it’s you.

Sincerely ticked off right now,

David Burton

PS. I plan to update this list in the future. I’m waiting for your justifications with bated breath.


8 comments on “An open letter to SJWs on #GamerGate

  1. This is well done, but you know hypocrisy is something only those in power can do. And by in power I mean anyone but them.

  2. TrivialGravitas says:

    Please add doxing an outing transpeople who disagree. Details oif just one of the events can be found here:

  3. […] such, I am forwarding this open letter to you detailing “actual terrorism” performed by GG’s opponents, and kindly […]

  4. I consider myself #GamerGate
    I think you’re all fucking faggots for continuing this debate. Let the SJWs have their twitter and their safe spaces.
    Eventually they’ll die off, when meeting the real world shatters their minds. Let them wallow in misery until they choke on it.

    In the meantime, I’ll be playing Opposing Force, VtM (doesn’t work any more though, so not so much VtM for me it seems), Red Alert 2, and Space Engineers.
    And any one who cries about newly released games catering to SJWs are just AAA-fanbois anyway. Seriously, fuck you all and your cod franchise, your Tekken, and your .
    Will suck dick for a way to circumvent the Win10+Steam wreckage of up+CE modded VtM, no kidding.

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