On my writing

I know that this blog is supposed to be about my book, and I haven’t given an update for a while… so, let’s talk about Lightbringer (title pending).

This one’s mostly in the planning stages right now, but most of the world that’s needed for this first book has been at least partially fleshed out. I’ve gotten about 4000 words written for it over the last week or so (though in all likelihood, about 2000 of that is going to have to wait for the next book) and while it’s not coming along as quickly as I’d like (this last week was not typical) it is coming along faster than before.

I just wish I felt comfortable showing any of it yet.

I submitted one of my stories to an online publishing website. It’s probably going to be rejected (I should know sometime in November) but when I learn, I will inform you good folks. There’s a lot of promise in this one, I feel, and if it IS rejected, I’ll use whatever they tell me to fix it up for another go somewhere else.


2 comments on “On my writing

  1. davidjmakin says:

    Hey, we’d love to see your story as well. I’m anxious to here what they think of it. Let us know what they say.


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