An open response to @Sage_Bias on hashtag leaders

Original question

“Why is it that and other hashtags don’t choose people to be in charge of the movement? Without any leader, nothing gets done.”

This is untrue on several levels (you don’t need a leader to get things done) but I’ll try to explain why #GamerGate doesn’t want to have a leader appointed anyway.

The problem with having a leader is that you then have someone who is culpable and complicit in all activities associated with the movement, as well as a final arbitrator on what is or is not #GamerGate. Ultimately all that does is split the hashtag, and it doesn’t really get #GamerGate anything. The leader will get smeared with all the worst that gets associated with the movement, and either have their life ruined or get burned out very quickly.

It’s a lot easier to take out one man than one thousand.

In the real world, the benefit you get in exchange is that you have someone to speak for the movement publicly and to rally the cause. On the internet, though, most people in a hashtag can do so themselves. The benefits to having a leader for a hashtag movement doesn’t outweigh the cost.

GG’s greatest strength (and hashtag movements in general, really) is the fact that no one ultimately decides what gets posted to the tag – everyone posts what they want. Individual members respond to those posts as they will and often that leads to a collective goal being achieved (the Kunkel Awards, Kotaku and Gawker’s falling revenue, SPJAirplay, etc). Some people in GG fight for ethics, some against SJW ideology, some see the two as one and the same.

And the strange thing is, it’s very easy for the movement to get over their issues with each other and work towards a common goal. #GamerGate is rather infamous for its weekend drama, but it always comes together when something actually important goes down.

In short, #GamerGate and other hashtag movements don’t have an appointed leader because we don’t NEED to appoint one.


An open letter to #GamerGate on Jubbal

… Hoo boy. This is not going to win me any fans.

We need to help Jubbal.


Hear me out.

Yes, I realize that #GamerGate is not at fault for the shitty situation he’s in. I do indeed feel catharsis because this guy has gone out of his way to call GG a terrorist organization with his buddies, and he’s now getting a taste of his own medicine. I do not like Jubbal – he’s a racist bigot with all the likability of a rotten potato wrapped in cockroaches. And this isn’t going to help our PR regardless.

Here’s the thing: none of that actually matters.

Jubbal had nothing to do with the attacks in Paris. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it (the guy lives in Canada, ffs). But he’s been linked to it now because of an online troll. This is completely unjust. #GamerGate exists because we saw that the media sucked balls and we wanted it to change. This is a clear chance to do some good and hurt a media outlet that didn’t do its research.

And I hold no illusions about this – Jubbal will continue to hate #GamerGate for ‘slandering him’. Anti will blame us for the photo (even though they know we didn’t do it) and never acknowledge that GG helped him. Our PR will not be helped.

I don’t give a crap. GG has never been about PR or us vs them. it’s always been about opposing horrible people doing unethical things. Yes, SJWs like Jubbal are our main enemy but I’m here to fight for the truth. And that means fighting for ideas, not people; truth, not victory. The fact of the matter is that Jubbal was slandered because of unethical journalistic practices. I don’t like Jubbal, but what’s been done to him by the media is utterly disgusting.

Therefore, I’m asking #GamerGate to do what it does best: Dig. Find the advertisers for these news sites. Show them the kind of slander they’re funding. I know most in GG won’t want to – in fact I don’t expect much response to this letter other than ‘lol PR’s useless lol’ – but I hope some of us do. This is wrong, and we know it.

So let’s do something about it.

David Burton

Regarding the attacks in Paris and tragedy in general

We all deal with tragedy in our own way. And… while I have no real connection to Paris, my heart and prayers go out to it in the wake of the terrorist attacks against it.

But since the attack, something… rather predictable has happened. Something that occurs in the wake of pretty much every massive tragedy nowadays. Something that has bothered me for years, and I want to get it off my chest.

If you have ever used the immediate aftermath of a horrific tragedy like the one in Paris to push your political agenda, you are not human. You are a monster. Sub-human trash. ESPECIALLY if your particular agenda has no way of preventing this kind of thing from happening again.

And no, I don’t give a shit if your opponents did it first. IT’S SICK AND WRONG AND YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! Look, I get it, okay? You want to defend your ideas from slander. Fine, do it, but don’t then turn around and do the exact same thing. It’s just even more sick to add to the pile.

I made that mistake today and I’m fucking ashamed of myself. Granted, I only did so because I was pissed and attempting to mock the other guy’s tweet, but that’s no excuse.

These next few days should be spent mourning and trying to help the victims however we can. When the smoke has cleared, then we can discuss shit like immigration, religion, fucking ethics in games journalism versus social justice, gun laws, abortions, college tuition, whatever you want to link to this like the dumbasses you are. Just please, for God’s sakes, wait until we’ve done what we can for the victims.

That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

PS. Oh, and Mizzou?

Hahaha... No, your situation is not as bad as Paris’. Fuck you.