An open letter to #GamerGate on Jubbal

… Hoo boy. This is not going to win me any fans.

We need to help Jubbal.


Hear me out.

Yes, I realize that #GamerGate is not at fault for the shitty situation he’s in. I do indeed feel catharsis because this guy has gone out of his way to call GG a terrorist organization with his buddies, and he’s now getting a taste of his own medicine. I do not like Jubbal – he’s a racist bigot with all the likability of a rotten potato wrapped in cockroaches. And this isn’t going to help our PR regardless.

Here’s the thing: none of that actually matters.

Jubbal had nothing to do with the attacks in Paris. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it (the guy lives in Canada, ffs). But he’s been linked to it now because of an online troll. This is completely unjust. #GamerGate exists because we saw that the media sucked balls and we wanted it to change. This is a clear chance to do some good and hurt a media outlet that didn’t do its research.

And I hold no illusions about this – Jubbal will continue to hate #GamerGate for ‘slandering him’. Anti will blame us for the photo (even though they know we didn’t do it) and never acknowledge that GG helped him. Our PR will not be helped.

I don’t give a crap. GG has never been about PR or us vs them. it’s always been about opposing horrible people doing unethical things. Yes, SJWs like Jubbal are our main enemy but I’m here to fight for the truth. And that means fighting for ideas, not people; truth, not victory. The fact of the matter is that Jubbal was slandered because of unethical journalistic practices. I don’t like Jubbal, but what’s been done to him by the media is utterly disgusting.

Therefore, I’m asking #GamerGate to do what it does best: Dig. Find the advertisers for these news sites. Show them the kind of slander they’re funding. I know most in GG won’t want to – in fact I don’t expect much response to this letter other than ‘lol PR’s useless lol’ – but I hope some of us do. This is wrong, and we know it.

So let’s do something about it.

David Burton

One comment on “An open letter to #GamerGate on Jubbal

  1. A M Swallow says:

    I read this as the press has made a mistake. It has named a name. So it is clobbering time.

    The correct procedure is for the press to print a retraction and pay compensation. Terrorism is a major crime so it was a major libel. If the payment is not voluntary than an amount decided by a court.

    #GamerGate has demonstrated the ability to cost its targets millions of dollars in lost advertising revenue. It can easily keep an attack going for over a year. During this time the shares are a definite sell. Once started #GamerGate will go all the way to driving the company into bankruptcy. Bottom fishing the shares is high risk, unless you have inside information that the company is going to apologise.

    In a desperate attempt to save money both journalists and company directors will be fired during the company’s swan song. This will not worry #GamerGate.

    It is the weekend at the moment so company’s lawyers will be on holiday. So it will be better to allow a week before starting the email to advertisers campaign. This gives time for the company and Jubbal to come to an agreement, thereby avoiding all the fuss.

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