Star Wars, Episode 7: A Mary Sue?

WARNING: This contains spoilers forĀ  Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The movie is really, REALLY good and should be seen sight unseen. I’ll avoid spoilers where unnecessary to make my point, but there will still be some, including one for a minor plot twist or two. You’ve been warned.

So recently, SW’s latest installment has been at the center of a rather large controversy surrounding its main female lead, Rey. Specifically, many are calling her a Mary Sue, and many others are declaring this to be a misogynistic reaction to a main female lead in a Star Wars movie.

It’s really kind of amazing how feminists today have managed to make EVERYTHING about their own stupid inadequacies.

While I disagree with the notion that Rey is a Mary Sue (we’ll get to why in a minute) I can also easily see why people think such. She’s a kind-hearted angel who’s loved by everyone except one minor antagonist, is incredibly hot and has no real flaws (I’m not even convinced the main villain hates her. After she threw off his mind interrogation, he seemed like he was salivating over the thought of training her). Oh sure, she’s in denial that her family abandoned her on Jakku, but nothing is really done with it in the narrative, so it’s impossible to care about it. She’s tempted by the ‘sixty portions’ for BB-8, but this is almost instantly abandoned because she’s too kind to hand him over (like we all knew because we’ve seen this before).

She’s so powerful in the force that she masters the Jedi mind trick (which she has never even heard of, by the by) in one scene. Moreover, we’re given an actual time frame – this had to have taken place in less than 15 minutes (i think it actually takes her less than FIVE, in fact). It took 3 movies after seeing the technique performed for Luke to even ATTEMPT the mind trick, and this random girl suddenly masters it in 5 minutes?

Rey also knows how to fix up and fly the millennium falcon well enough to impress Han, despite never touching a spaceship before in her life (we know this because she’s never even tried to leave Jakku) and specifically calling out the Falcon as a terrible ship.

(On a side note, why did she know how to speak droid when Finn didn’t? Finn’s been around more droids more often, he’d be more inclined to learn droid language than a random scavenger. I know that, narratively, BB-8 had to find her first, but it’s still weird)

It’s not hard to see why one would look at this character that is beautiful and perfect in most every conceivable way and think that she’s a Mary Sue. I disagree, however.

While Rey’s skill level and skill set is absolutely ludicrous (i don’t think anyone would deny that) it is not limitless. When Rey has her force-vision in the cantina, we see her run away from the responsibilities that a journey such as one she’s undertaken. We see her weak and vulnerable when Kylo Ren first attacks and kidnaps her (in fact I was half-expecting feminists to be pissed off over the Damsel In Distress trope) and afraid on the Starkiller base.

In addition, she only manages to survive fighting Kylo Ren by sheer luck – an entire FISSURE broke up beneath her feet and separated her from her opponent (who himself was not fully trained in the force.) She ends the movie by going to seek training from Luke, showing that her character does have room to grow.

So while she does come too close for comfort, I don’t think Rey is a Mary Sue.

I uh… I don’t have anything else to really say here, uh…