An(other) open letter to @spacekatgal on #GamerGate

Dear Brianna Wu

This letter is in response to your open letter to #GamerGate.

“I believe Gamergate’s underlying assumption that attacking me has tactical value for your cause is outdated and incorrect.”

No one in GG attacks you because of ‘tactical value’. They attack you because you go out of your way to attack them, and then pretend you’re the victim of an unprovoked assault.

About a week ago (maybe two?) you speculated aloud in your timeline about how GG was going to attack your game’s PC release, how GG would pirate it just to hurt sales and was out to ruin your life, blah blah blah

Leaving aside for the moment that nobody in GG cares enough about Revolution 60 to pirate the dang thing in the first place

You linked the #GamerGate hashtag repeatedly throughout your rant while lamenting how GG would react to you. While claiming to hate and fear a group you were doing everything to get their attention. That’s not the action of a terrified woman under concentrated fire, that’s the act of a troll begging for attention.

“Why are you continuing to harangue me on Twitter, through email,”

You harangue GamerGate because of lies, rumors and slander. Often slander YOU push.

“though doxxing me,”

Citation needed.

“through spreading malicious rumors about me,”

Welcome to the internet.

“and through hostile threads on KiA?”

What a surprise, you attack a group constantly and they’re hostile to you.

“What’s the point? What does this accomplish for you?”

Most people in GG are doing it because you do so to them, and many are new enough to think you can still be reasoned with. As I’ve stated previously on this blog, that is incorrect. You’re not worth reasoning with. People who aren’t new to this do so either for the benefit of those watching the conversation or because they like to shitpost.

“It’s a question worth thinking about, because it seems completely at odds with the things you state that you believe – such as developers should be free to ship games without censorship.”

GamerGate also believes that SJWs are gaming’s enemies, as you and others like you go out of your way to slander, attack and belittle gamers because they won’t march in lockstep with your philosophy.

And you and yours know it. (archive)

“It doesn’t seem logically consistent to rally to defend games like Dead or Alive from a few stray feminist Tweets, while organizing efforts to harass me and my employees.”

GG rallied to defend Dead or Alive because a Koei Tecmo employee stated outright that the game was not being localized in the US because of the numerous attacks on it by feminists and social justice warriors.

GamerGate does not “harass” you. You attack them, you get responses, and you cry out that you’re under attack. The only reason you’re relevant to the GamerGate discussion at all is because you keep doing this.

“I would probably use the word “hypocrisy”.”

People in glass houses, Wu.

“I’d like to tell you what my current career objectives and intentions are in regards to Gamergate. ”

You have career objectives in regard to a hashtag movement.


“If you look at what I Tweet and speak on publicly, the vast majority of it is about working conditions within the tech industry… Generally speaking, Anita focuses on the output of our field, and I am more concerned with the input side.”

I haven’t paid enough attention to you to know if that’s true, but you seem to be going somewhere with this, so I’ll take your word for it.

“I believe there is obvious rampant sexual discrimination and unconscious bias. ”

Other women in tech disagree with you.

I’m also not entirely sure how or why these two things would exist at the same time. If rampant sexual discrimination is ‘obvious’, why would anyone’s biases be unconscious?

“A while back, I realized the futility of using my public presence to discuss Gamergate. It seemed to follow a pattern: I would post a terrible example of Gamergate behavior, and you would strike back at me. It became an endless war of attrition, where the cost was dignity, mental effort and happiness.”

Nope. The pattern is that you lie about GamerGate, you get responses, and then you frame those responses as harassment.

Here’s you trying to make a mother of four’s murder about yourself and GamerGate, even though GamerGate had nothing to do with this and neither did you.


Here’s you inserting yourself into the Hugo Awards controversy, telling everyone that geek culture belongs to you and yours. I already covered why this series of tweets makes my blood boil.

(TL;DR: You told me and other parts of GG to get out of a hobby that stopped me from killing myself.)



“Plainly stated, discrediting Gamergate is a currently a tertiary mission objective at best. Building my company and improving diversity in the industry are my primary mission objectives. When I made my list of career objectives for 2016, none of them had anything to do with Gamergate.”

Which is why you’ve written a long letter talking about GamerGate. Because you don’t care about it.

At least my long letter to someone I don’t care about was spurred on by something.

“I do not spend time attacking Gamergate figures, because it would have no tactical value.”

Then why do you constantly attack GamerGate as a whole? That makes even less sense.

“Mercades, Oliver, C.H. Summers, Ralph – I think they are spectacularly wrong, but it makes more sense to focus on other things. Yesterday, I saw a KiA thread I thought was spectacularly racist, but rather than drum up public anger about it – I spent the day doing engineering instead. ”

Good for you.

“Everyone at my company is terrified of the Gamergate harassment we know is inevitable when we release Revolution 60 in the coming weeks.”

I sincerely doubt it.

“When the game is reviewed, I expect lots of Gamergate personal attacks in the comments. I expect to be doxxed. I expect to have more malicious rumors happen. I expect a new wave of death and rape threats.”

And when your expectations are not met and you receive none of those things, I expect you to pretend that you did anyway for public brownie points.

“But what would the value be in doing this?”

None whatsoever, unless you’re a troll hoping to piss someone off.

So why do you keep insisting that there are no third-party trolls?

“Maybe you think my game sucks, maybe you don’t like the graphics, but what does it have to do with Gamergate? If you really believe that censorship is a problem, it’s time to demonstrate it with your actions. ”

We have. But you have most of GG blocked, so I don’t expect you to have seen it anyway.

“I have no wish to continue to be the Batman to your Joker.”

I’m gonna assume you know why that’s stupid and move on.

“I would love to spend the next month doing press for Revolution 60’s release like any developer releasing a game would. ”

Then do so. Stop attacking people and just release your game. Again.

“I fear that dealing with Gamergate attacks is going to derail that effort, and will become the story – rather than my game.”

Again, stop attacking people.

“This is not an outcome I desire.”

Hey, remember that time you tried to harass yourself but accidentally posted under your dev account (bottom right corner was up first, then the left one showed up)?


“In fact, one of my biggest career fears is I will continue to be primarily known as a feminist and not a game developer.”

Then stop talking about ‘women in tech’ and MAKE GAMES. Rev60 originally came out over a year ago. Apply what you learned from making it to your next project and put another game out there. Five Nights At Freddy’s put out 4 games in about one year.

Not that I expect you to go THAT fast (Scott Cawthon’s kind of insane) but you could at least TRY and get another game out.

“Even if you don’t like me or my politics, my employees have nothing to do with any of that. I hope you’ll leave them out of your actions in the coming weeks.”

AFAIK, none of your employees ever came under fire because they were not the ones attacking anyone.

“PS: I’m not going to discuss this with you on Twitter. I will tentatively leave the comments open here.”

I see no comment section, but I think this should suffice.

This letter is complete bullcrap from start to finish. Brianna, you are not the Batman, fighting a war of attrition against a city full of madmen and criminals. You are Prince Joffrey attacking a little girl in the woods, getting scarred a bit by her dog, and then beheading a completely different dog that did nothing wrong in its place because you can’t get at the first one.

Stop attacking the family of the one you’re about to wed, Brianna. Your kingdom is in ruins and winter is coming.