An open letter to Zython #GamerGate

Let’s parse what YOU’RE saying, shall we Zython?

First of all, you are ignoring PS4 sales of the game and only looking at the Vita.

Second of all, Pokemon is not comparable to a Dead or Alive spin-off title. Games of differing popularity are going to have different points where they ‘succeed’. Tomb Raider sold 3.4 million copies in its first month and was considered a failure (yes, seriously) but Dishonored is considered a wild success for selling 460,000 in that same time frame. This argument is like comparing a student/indie film to the Avengers and being shocked that the former undersold the latter. Gaming has niche audiences, that doesn’t mean their money isn’t worth game company’s time. (Also, why are you talking about how poorly a game on the Wii U performed in arcades?)

Thirdly: While it’s true that PlayAsia’s “record breaking sales” means little without proper context, they have told us how much the game sold. Claiming that it’s “telling” that they don’t release their previous record is just intellectually dishonest.

Fourth, this news comes in the wake of SJWs claiming that “pandering to the misogynerd gaming crowd” would destroy them, and many “long-time customers” claimed to be leaving because PlayAsia stocked DoAX3. You people HATED this game, yelled constantly about how no one cared about it. Then PlayAsia stocked it and suddenly made a s#@$ton of money. You and yours were WRONG and your attempt to backpedal now is pathetic. You made your bed, lay in it.

And finally: you say it only sold better because it “sold on a bigger ecosystem”? So f#$@ing what? It still sold better. Games sales are not a percentage game; If I go fishing with a net I don’t care if my net is full, I care about how many fish I’ve caught. 40 fish in a 80 fish net is better than 20 fish in a 20 fish net. Beating Usain Bolt in a race would be incredible, but you don’t need to beat his best time to get 1st place. You just need to get ahead of the other runners.

So… yeah. You’re an intellectually dishonest buffon. Nice job.


“#GamerGate should abandon the tag” -@jessesingal



Saying that!

Seriously. This isn’t even funny anymore.

#GamerGate was created in part to get away from the Quinnspiracy and 5guys BS, but you continue to insist that that’s how it got started so that you can label it a harassment campaign. #1MillionGamersStrong was mocked and belittled as an offshoot of #GamerGate. #NotYourShield was labelled as a #GamerGate sock puppet campaign. SPJAirplay, SavePoint, TFYC, Honey Badgers Brigade, the list goes on and on (and will probably continue to go on). You regularly label anything GG even LIKES as ‘harassment’ so that the legacy of a “harassment campaign” that you’ve built up over the last year and a half continues.

You don’t WANT GG to change its label and you know it. Else you wouldn’t keep trying to associate GG with the new labels.