“#GamerGate should abandon the tag” -@jessesingal



Saying that!

Seriously. This isn’t even funny anymore.

#GamerGate was created in part to get away from the Quinnspiracy and 5guys BS, but you continue to insist that that’s how it got started so that you can label it a harassment campaign. #1MillionGamersStrong was mocked and belittled as an offshoot of #GamerGate. #NotYourShield was labelled as a #GamerGate sock puppet campaign. SPJAirplay, SavePoint, TFYC, Honey Badgers Brigade, the list goes on and on (and will probably continue to go on). You regularly label anything GG even LIKES as ‘harassment’ so that the legacy of a “harassment campaign” that you’ve built up over the last year and a half continues.

You don’t WANT GG to change its label and you know it. Else you wouldn’t keep trying to associate GG with the new labels.


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