An Open Letter to “Go Fuck Yourself” and on #GamerGate

Dear Mr. Go Fuck Yourself

I just found this online:


As such, I am forwarding this open letter to you detailing “actual terrorism” performed by GG’s opponents, and kindly informing you that GamerGate has done none of these things.

Should you or have equivalent evidence that GamerGate is a terrorist organization, I would ask you to provide it. I am told that there is a plethora of such evidence, but have never found any, nor has it ever been presented to me.

I hope you don’t find this letter an imposition.

Sincerely, David
(@HalfTangible on Twitter)

PS. Also, GamerGate is fond of porn and lewds. So much so that I find it queasy (though that’s my personal problem; I don’t like nudes) and originally found this post through a reply containing porn. Not entirely sure why he linked the two together.
PPS. Word of advice: Get a legal name change. Seriously, they’ll probably expedite it for you.