Quote about warrior cultures

“Just because I’m brave enough to die saving a child from a burning building doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to stand in that burning building and do the cancan while it comes down on top of me.” -A warrior culture with actual thought put into it.


In every human …

In every human being there is both strength and weakness, good and evil, honesty and dishonesty. The idea that anyone can be only one or the other is, quite frankly, utterly ludicrous and it amazes me that there are still people who can think it’s anything BUT ludicrous


“I never liked the phrase ‘looking down on’ something…”

“I never liked the phrase ‘looking down on’ something. It’s supposed to mean that someone feels smug and superior, sees themselves as above the concerns of another. But to me, looking down implies you care enough to see where someone lesser is. After all, the greatest damage is caused not by the man who looks at the ants to know how high he is. It’s caused by the man who doesn’t even look at what he steps on. Me? I look down on mortals. But I don’t look to know how high I am – I look to see where I step.”

-Onore, Goddess of Light and Law

This is something I wrote to try and show Onore’s sense of – for lack of a better term coming into my head at the moment – noblesse oblige. Basically, “I’m better than you in every way, but intend to help you because it’s the right thing to do.” In addition, the speech is written in such a way that you could hand it to a villian and it would still work. This is a huge part of Onore as a public figure – to her people, she is practically benevolence incarnate, a beacon of light and law within an unending sea of blackness and chaos. To everyone else, though, she is a misguided despot who only thinks herself good.

What do you guys think? Good, bad, stupid?

“Beware the fur…

“Beware the fury of a Game Master denied his triple-meat pizza, for rocks will fall and everyone will die.” -Digo

Quoted for the lulz

Also, fear when a game master smiles. Or smirks. Or asks if you’re sure. Or rolls when someone passes him a note. Or does anything that you can’t pin down a motive for. Or anything you can, really.